Meet your Wellbeing Champions!

Wellbeing Champions are current students who represent those that are in their Faculty in matters of student mental health, wellbeing and safety on campus. They are there to help shape activities that your SU does in your faculty, on campus, in student accommodation and in the City of Sunderland. They often run wellbeing events and activities and are there to help support students to feel connected to the University community. 

Faculty of Education and Society

Hazel Hunt

Josh Jones

Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing

Alexandra Mitchell

"I'm a stage 2 psychology with counselling student with a particular interest in how our environment and those in it can affect our overall well-being. I'm passionate about raising awareness of issues such as domestic abuse and inequality within society. I hope to have a positive impact through raising awareness; knowledge is power! My biggest priority at the moment is providing people with information on how to have healthier relationships in all aspects of their life, as this can also help enhance life quality."

Debra Simpson

"I am currently a third year Psychology with Counselling student. I am also currently completing a professional placement with the University’s Wellbeing Team and a Police Service Volunteer. I have a particular interest in Male mental health and my focus is creating awareness & education on men as victims. I am hoping my role as a Wellbeing Champion can provide the opportunity to create awareness and help break stigma on all matters of mental health for my fellow students"

Faculty of Technology

George Vasilakis

"I am currently in my second year of studies in Web and Mobile Development. Currently I want all the students in the Faculty of Technology to feel that they are getting as much support as they can. I love helping people and providing them with resources on where to find help regarding their problem or concern they have. You will see me here and there around the University as I am involved in many things! I will be more than happy to help you if you need any help."