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Why Volunteer?

That’s a good question!

There are so many reasons to get involved in volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to try something totally new and meet loads of other students. You can immerse yourself in what’s on offer, or we can help you lead your own project.  

You can also:

  • make a big difference in your community and to the lives of other people
  • gain new skills and experiences to boost or enhance your CV
  • meet like-minded people who share your interests
  • expand your connections and networks
  • have loads of fun and relax after studying
  • learn about different cultures and communities

There are also loads of other benefits which you might not have thought about. Volunteering supports your wellbeing making you feel more connected, positive and happy. Research demonstrates that volunteering and meeting new people helps to build social capital and improve your confidence. ‘Social capital’ is your contacts and networks of people who can support you achieve your goals.

Volunteering really does make your CV shine!

Employers love volunteering with an estimated 3 out of 4 employing a candidate with volunteering experience on their CV compared to a candidate without any. You learn and develop many transferable skills volunteering which are valuable in the job market. Skills such as communication, time management, team working and positive attitude are ones you can really enhance through taking part in opportunities.

We offer a range of free development workshops and training sessions throughout the year to make sure you get the most out of the time you invest. We can tell you all about these in your Welcome Induction.

Stand out from the crowd and make your volunteering count

When you register you can record your volunteer hours and activities. This can be included on your transcript as part of HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) which is recognised nationally.

Don’t forget as a volunteer, you can also apply for the Sunderland University Professional Award (SuPA) which will also compliment your CV. The award provides you with skills based experience in writing your achievements and translating them on to job applications. Interested in applying? Find out more here.