Report it!

Having worked with your Sunderland Students' Union, the University has created a new system for you to report any violence, sexual violence, harrassment, hate crime or aggression you have experienced or witnessed. 

We want you to always feel safe, so your SU has been working with the University of Sunderland and has launched a campaign tackling attitudes to hate crime, harassment and violence. The campaign, which includes an animated video, posters and a poem focusing on what is acceptable behaviour, has been created by two University of Sunderland graduates in response to a national call to make campuses safer, and make students aware of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, both for themselves, and for their friends.

In 2016 a national universities taskforce examined violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students, and made a series of recommendations for UK universities.

In response the University of Sunderland set up a number of initiatives, including online reporting tools, as well as face-to-face confidential support for students. The University’s ‘Bystander – Be the Difference’ training was delivered to over 300 students and staff.