SU Elections 2020

It's time to choose who will represent YOU as Presidents of the Students; Union and chair of Students' Union Council. 

At Sunderland Students' Union, everything we do is for students and decided by students. We do this by having a dedicated Student Executive Team who are elected by you, the student body, to lead the organisation and make sure that your student voice is represented in the Union, within the University and more widely. They work closely with our permanent staff who provide the skills and experience needed to deliver the Students’ Union services.

The Exec is made up of 9 Officers, with both paid (Sabbatical) and voluntary (Non-Sabbatical) roles available. In this election, we will be electing our 3 full time Sabbatical Exec Officers plus 1 part time, voluntary Chair of Students' Union Coucil.

The Presidents will work with us full time for a year,  to shape the Union, make real change for students by campaigning on their behalf and help make the Sunderland student experience great for everyone. They'll be the voice of students at the University, have a platform to make real positive change and the support to make your ideas a reality.

The Chair of Students' Union Council will work to make student ideas become SU policy through chairing a thriving council where lots of decisions get made. 

Voting will open from 9am on 2 March 2020 - 5pm on 6 March 2020. 

Results will be announced at a special event organised by 2nd year Events Management Students on 12 March 2020.