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Need a hand finding your feet?

Having a Buddy is a great way to meet new people, familiarise yourself with your campus, boost your confidence and discover the beautiful city you'll be living in.

Simply register for an SU Buddy and leave the rest to us. We’ll look at your interests and area of study so we can match you up with a Buddy that can help you make the most of your experience here at the University of Sunderland!

Student experiences (see below)

‘Having a Buddy meant that I could meet someone who was already a student and knew the area and could show me! Is really helped me! In fact, I valued it that much that I am now a Buddy myself so I can help others’

“I can say that my buddy was (and still is) really helpful. He showed me the city, took me for a coffee, introduced me to his friends, helped me with where to get shopping and to settle down in the accommodation as well. I am really thankful for him and for this 'Buddy' opportunity.”

“My buddy has been a great help so far! He's helped me with a lot of useful things in order to get situated in Sunderland and we've also met up twice so far! He is super nice, friendly, and very helpful!”

Are you interested in becoming a Buddy to a fellow student? Just check out our be a buddy page.