President: Education

Himanshu Kalla

The role of President: Education is to be the lead officer for students on educational policy development. They ensure students get the highest academic quality in areas including teaching, feedback and assessment and timetabling. They will campaign to improve education issues in the University and be the lead officer on all academic projects.

Why I stood for election
I stood for elections to contribute to the University and to all the students by providing ample assistance and guidance to aid in their academia and make the learning process more fun loving and engaging. 

What I hope to acheive this year 
I hope to achieve higher engagement of all our students and try to lower the attainment gap.

Did you know...
I once made two soccer playing robots for a tech competition and got disqualified as one of the robots got nasty and destroyed the ball, the other robot and also almost injured other competitiors. Everyone was fine though I promise!

Get in touch with me
t: (0191) 515 3599