President: Activities

Chris Davison

The role of the President Activities is to be the lead officer for students on creating opportunities for non-academic development. They will ensure students get the best experience in areas including employability, community building, volunteering and provision of facilities. They will campaign to improve non-academic development opportunities at Sunderland and be the lead officer on all student led activities.

I always say I ran for Presidency because I wanted to give other students the great experience that I had from interacting with extra curricular activities. I think it defined most of my time at University and provided the more rounded skills outside of the educational qualifications that help to make me who I am and I'd love to pass that on to the other Students. 

Build more effective communication between the SU and the student body, and using this information to tailor our SU offering better to our students' needs.

  • Lobbying the University to improve facilities for students, and those involved in societies and sports team 
  • Working alongside Elior to make meals and drink prices cheaper
  • Launching new funding opportunities so you can lead your own activities 
  • Improving Sunderland City Centre so it is a more vibrant place 
  • Delivery of events and activities for students, such as our Christmas events calendar 'Winter Holidays for your SU'
  • Planning Term 2 activity 
  • Support for issues raised regarding the new lockdown restrictions
  • Maintaining relationships with Elior, Team Sunderland, the International Team and other University departments to provide cohesion and synergy in our activity and support for students
  • Working closely to feedback to University Executives around student opinions and concerns and sitting on various committees and groups to ensure students are given as much support and help as possible to succeed 
  • Attending regional networking sessions 

I recently dislocated my shoulder jumping off a waterfall!

Get in touch with me:
t: (0191) 515 3512