Who is your School Coordinator?

A School Co-ordinator is a current Student, studying in the school they represent and they are YOUR voice of the students in your school.

They work closely with fellow students, in particular Course Reps in their school, the Policy and Campaigns team at the SU and our Elected Officers, to engage with their academic development and to shape the University and broader communities.

School Coordinators represent student views within the School, fairly and accurately and take into account all students.

School Coordinators actively participate in University and Students’ Union Meetings where important decision are made and are a member of the School Co-ordinators Steering Group – a joint partnership between the Students’ Union and The University of Sunderland, where their work and feedback from their schools is discussed.

Find below a list of YOUR School Coordinators for each School:

Coordinator: Paul Sambrooks


Faculty: Health Sciences and Wellbeing


Coordinator: Layla Sayyadi

Coordinator: TBA

Faculty: Health Sciences & Wellbeing


Coordinator: Christine Achom

Public Health.

Coordinator: TBA

Faculty: Business, Law & Tourism


Coordinator: TBA

Faculty: Art & Creative Industries.

Coordinator: Bronte Sheldon

Film and Media.

Faculty: Art & Creative Industries


Coordinator: Cameryn Watson

Computer Science.

Coordinator: Joe Butler

Faculty of Technology.

Coordinator: Darren Green

Education Studies

Faculty: Education & Society

Coordinator: Dylan Thynne

Faculty: Education & Society.


Coordinator: TBA

Faculty: Business, Law & Tourism.

Coordinator: Ajoke Odumesi Odumesi

PG Business.


Coordinator: Shina Zdravcheva

UG Business.

Coordinator: Sneha Kerker

Nursing and Health.


Coordinator: Monika Godo

Tourism, Hospitality and Events.


Or you can contact our team at the Students’ Union at

Remember to get in touch with your school coordinator and share any success stories or give any feedback on your course!!!