When you want to make your mark!

Do you want to help improve the quality of education and the overall student experience? Then this is the role for you!!

In becoming a Course Rep, you would be taking on one of the most important and useful roles available during your time at university. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved in your own, and fellow students’ education. Being a Course Rep, you will have the chance to make positive changes and bring solutions to your course to improve the academic experience of those around you.

As a Course Rep, you will get:

  • Induction training to provide you with the essential knowledge and confidence to carry out the role effectively and efficiently.
  • A Handbook to guide you through the year, alongside continued support from the Students’ Union team.
  • Extra training and skills development opportunities, such as Leadership training and other useful skills.
  • The chance to make new friends, build professional networks and have fun along the way!
  • A better academic experience, and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped improve your quality of education
  • Be a registered volunteer with Your Students’ Union, with all the benefits included!

As a volunteer, you can register your hours of service and have this time listed on your HEAR transcript to demonstrate your commitment and time management to employers. You will also have to chance to win Course Rep of the Year at our annual SU Loves You Awards Ceremony!

As being a Course Rep is a voluntary role, it is designed to not take up much of your time. You can tailor the role around your studies and put as much or as little time into it as you wish, it all depends on how much you want to get out of the experience.

The most important role of a Course Rep is to represent your fellow students, so if you are passionate about improving the academic experience for the students around you then you can be an effective Course Rep!!

What is expected of a Course Rep?

  • Attend and participate in University/Union meetings
  • Recognise student issues and raise them at the relevant meetings
  • Feedback information to your fellow students

If you would like more information regarding representation please contact our Representation Senior Coordinator (Nicola Edwards) at

For the full policy check out the Student Representation Policy