WEAR Champions 2018

The word 'champion' has several meanings - it can mean winner, someone who fights for a particular cause or belief, or in our own North East dialect it simply means 'really good'. Are YOU a Champion?

At Sunderland Students' Union, everything we do is for students and decided by students. We do this by having a dedicated Student Executive Team who are elected by you, the student body, to lead the organisation and make sure that your student voice is represented in the Union, within the University and more widely. They work closely with our permanent staff who provide the skills and experience needed to deliver the Students’ Union services. 

The Exec is made up of 9 Officers, with both paid (Sabbatical) and voluntary (Non-Sabbatical) roles available. In this election, we will be electing our part time Exec Officers who will represent specific groups of students and campaign on issues that matter to them.  We are also electing 4 NUS Delegates who will attend the NUS National Conference in April and represent the voice of Sunderland students on a national level.

Our elected Student Executive team have the power to make real positive change for students and help us to make your University experience valuable for life. They shape the future of the Students' Union, improve services for students and make sure that we are in the best possible position to listen, empower and engage with all students at the University of Sunderland. 

Please note: You may only nominate yourself for 1 part time Exec position however you may ALSO nominate yourself for NUS Delegate if you wish.

Learn more about the positions available below:





Nominations will be open from 9am on 24 September - 5pm on 3 October.

Voting will open from 9am on 5 October - 5pm on 8 October.

Results will be announced online on 10 October.

Voting is really easy, you can do it on any computer, tablet or smartphone and if you are a current University of Sunderland student then you are eligible to vote. Simply click here (from 9am on 5 October - 5pm on 8 October) and rank the candidates in order of your preference (so your first choice is 1, 2nd choice is 2 etc). To learn more about the single transferable voting system click here.

If you have any problems casting your vote, please contact us on ussu@sunderland.ac.uk or (0191) 515 3030.