Union Council

Union Council has recently been updated to make it a more friendly and proactive place where students can voice their opinions and work towards making the student experience a positive and happy journey.

Union Council is place where YOU, the student, have a chance to voice and hear ideas and opinions, and feed back to YOUR students Union.  

The purpose of Union Council is to represent student’s voice in a fair and democratic manner. Our aim is to do this in the most productive and proactive way possible.

Ideas that have been brought to the union council in the past are:

  • A university Carers policy.
  • Free Wednesday afternoons.
  • Student spaces and Snooze room.
  • Student friendly catering.
  • WearOverpaying Campaign (free graduation tickets)
  • Let's Get Digital Campaign (no hard copy hand ins)

If you have any ideas or proposal you can add them to the agenda prior to the meeting, please do this by via email to Adam (Policy and Campaigns Senior Officer) at the Students' Union on yourvoice@sunderland.ac.uk. This is so you can bring an item to the meeting, it will be discussed and then voted for further action.

At the Union Council It is also a chance to hear the SU Exec Team updates on the work they are doing for YOU!!!  And to ask any questions and hold them to account on any relevant work.  

We have several meetings a year to give you a voice all year round and the chance to receive regular updates on the work being done. All agendas and minutes will be published on our student union website for future reference.

Union Council is NOT for:

  • Questioning financial aspects of the Union.
  • Question or hold accountable the staff of union.
  • Discussing personal complaints / grievances with the university/ members of staff or students (there is a produce in place for this).

If you would like to be kept up to date with Union Council upcoming meetings and agendas please email Adam (Policy and Campaigns Senior Officer) at; YOUR Voice and he will add you to the mailing list.

All students are welcome to come and give their opinions – so come and give yours!

The Officers of the union will present a report from the board of trustees – so come and make sure you know what’s going on!

The Officers will also tell attendees about what they are doing to improve the university experience for students – so come and hold them accountable!

Students will also be able to give their opinions about proposals for change which are discussed and voted upon – so come and have your say!

If you have an idea and want to make a change please post it here! sunderlandsu.co.uk/makeithappen

Once it gets enough support (usually 20 students liking it), if necessary you'll invited to complete a Council Policy Template (we'll give you support!) & send it to yourvoice@sunderland.ac.uk for inclusion in the agenda and potential approval by Council. 


2018/19 Union Council Dates, Agenda and Minutes

Union Council 1, Wednesday 7 November 2018, Reg Vardy Room 312a, 3pm

Agenda to follow 

Union Council 2, Wednesday 27 March 2019, Gateway Room 7, 3pm 


Union Council 1, 12th October 2017 Reg Vardy Room 113, 4pm.

Read the Agenda  (Notes of meeting in Agenda for 1st Nov as it was inquorate)

Union Council 2, 1st November 2017 Priestman Room 015 & 016, 4pm.

Read the Agenda  

Union Council 3, 5th December 2017 Gateway Room 1, 4pm.

No Agenda Yet

Union Council 1, 10th November 2016 (1-3pm Reg Vardy 312A, St. Peter's Campus) Inquorate

Union Council 1, 17th November 2016 (5-7pm Reg Vardy 312A, St. Peter's Campus) Rescheduled Meeting from 10th November

Read the Agenda  Read the Minutes

Union Council 2, 8th December 2016 (5-7pm, Room 4, The Gateway, City Campus)

Read the Agenda  Read the Minutes

Union Council 3,  28th February 2017 (5-7pm, Room 4, The Gateway, City Campus)

Read the Agenda  Read the Minutes

Union Council 4, 4th April 2017 (5-7pm, Room 113, Reg Vardy, St. Peter's Campus) Inquorate

Union Council 4, 2nd May 2017 (5-7pm, Room 111, Reg Vardy, St. Peter's Campus) Rescheduled meeting from 4th April.  Inquorate

Read the Agenda

Union Council 1, 12th November 2015:

Read the Agenda   Read the Minutes

Union Council 2, 1st December 2015:

Read the Agenda   Read the Minutes


Union Council 3, 1st February 2016:

Read the Agenda   Read the Minutes


Union Council 4, 15th March 2016 (Rescheduled from 29th February):

Read the Agenda   Read the Minutes


Union Council 5, 26th April 2016:

Read the Agenda   Read the Minutes


Contact Details:

Adam Gawne, Policy and Campaigns Senior Officer - yourvoice@sunderland.ac.uk