Start an SU Community

Starting an SU Community group is really straightforward!

An SU Community is a student run group that is registered with the University of Sunderland Students’ Union.

Once you are a registered SU Community, you will have access to all of the Students’ Union support resources...

  • Loads of support, advice and guidance from the VP Societies and Sport plus a dedicated point of contact from the SU staff team.
  • A £5000 funding pot that every community can bid into to support their activities.
  • A web presence on the Student Union website.
  • Membership of the SU Communities network.
  • A toolbox of useful documents to help you run an effective group.
  • A range of skills based training opportunities.
  • Support to democratically elect your community leaders through a secure online voting system.

So what are you waiting for?

  • A group can be formed when two or more students who share a common interest want to join together to take part in related activities.
  • You can start up a group at any time throughout the academic year.
  • All you need is to find one more person who is interested is starting a community with you then follow these simple steps:

Complete this form to tell us about the SU Community you want to start. Our SU Communities Team will check this and let you know how to move onto Step 2.


Create your own user feedback survey


The registration form gathers more details about the SU Community you are starting up and introduces you to the SU Communities 'Code of Conduct' and other guidelines that groups are required to sign up to.

  • If we can’t move your application straight onto Step 2 we will contact you by email to explain why.
  • If you have any questions about starting an SU Community, please come in and speak to us or email

If you have an idea for a group but you need more people to start the group, we’d recommend that you start talking about it with your fellow students, use social media, or get involved with your Students' Union.