SU Communities

SU Communities is changing! Soon, it will no longer exist and will be a part of Your Societies. We will keep you updated on this transition so don't worry! Click HERE to visit Your Societies page. 


SU Communities are student groups which are created by and led by you. They are registered and affiliated to the University of Sunderland Students’ Union (USSU). A group can be formed when two or more students who share a common interest want to join together to take part in related activities.

Taking part in SU Communities is easy and has a wide variety of benefits; you can make friends, connect with like-minded people, have fresh experiences, learn new skills and boost both your confidence and your CV.

SU Communities is fun, it connects people, is flexible, easy to access and provides development opportunities.

We have loads of resources to help you; funding you can bid for, a designated web area with online guidelines and a toolbox, relevant training activities and an SU Communities team here to offer support.