SU Buddies

Being at university can be as daunting as it is exciting, which is why we have SU Buddies, to help new students settle into university life and current students get a bit of extra help when they need it.


SU Buddies connects new and returning Sunderland students together so that they can share tips, knowledge and experience they've gained about the social, non-academic side to university life.


Are you interested in becoming a Buddy to a new student?


SU Buddies Bags

To help say thanks for the huge contribution of buddies each month, we have a little bag full of treats. 

We’ve had loads of great nominations and buddies coming forward to let us know what they have been up to.


Thank you and congratulations

Mandi Purvis
Mandi has been a fantastic Buddy, attending our first Mate Date during Freshers Week and supporting and signposting students through an online Facebook group that she set up. Mandi has also attended several workshops and training sessions to enhance her supporting skills and also became a Mental Health Champion.

Aaron Gallagher
Aaron has been a super keen supporter of the SU Buddy Programme, signposting students to the service and encouraging other students to become a Buddy. Aaron has helped several students this year and is always willing to assist further.

Tereza Bartlova
Tereza has been a fantastic Buddy, always willing to help extra students at short notice. Tereza really encourages others to get involved in other activities within the SU and the University to enhance their experience and widen their peer networks.

Diana Tretjak
Diana has been a passionate and committed Buddy, always ready and willing to support more students. Diana has also shown great interest in helping her fellow students by taking part in our 'Look After Your Mate' workshop, WearSafe and recently took part in our Time to Talk video.

Grace Ong
Grace has been a brilliant Buddy for a number of years and has supported lots of students this year. Grace has also engaged with Mate Date events and attended our 'Look After Your Mate' event to enhance her supporting skills.

Ramsha Nayab
Ramsha has been a super helpful Buddy, signposting students appropriately and using her peer coaching skills effectively. Ramsha is also keen to enhance her supporting skills, attending many workshops and training that are offered.

All of our SU Buddies have played a big part in supporting new students and helping them to get the best start at the Unversity. The person that we thought really stoof out this year is someone who has shown a lot of commitment to supporting their students individually. We also receive such positive feedback from the students she has supported. That's why this award goes to TEREZA BARTLOVA!



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