Sunderland Students’ Union presents “SU Loves You” an annual celebration recognising the students who have made outstanding contributions within the university and the wider community throughout the past academic year.

This year our awards ceremony took place on 28th March, it was amazing night shared with so many amazing people.

Your SU Loves You Winners 2019: 

New Societies Award 

The Event Society

Learning Societies Award

The Nursing Society

Society of the Year

Atlas Theatre

Events Volunteer Award

Jonathan Leonard

Individual Achievement Award

Katherine Lavender 

SU Buddy of the Year

Ramsha Nayab

Outstanding School Coordinator

Jenny Goodfellow, Helder Costa & Mariam Khattab

Course Rep of the Year

Rebecca Daurat

Plan ahead for is the award criteria:

New Societies Award Criteria

This award is for the best new society. The best new society will be an active society that has worked towards meeting its aims, has positively impacted its membership and has engaged positively with the Students’ Union during the first year of Your Societies.

Learning Societies Criteria

This award is for the best learning society. The best learning society will be a society that has developed and delivered positive opportunities for it members to enhance their academic experience.

Society of the Year Criteria

This award is for the society of the year. The society of the year will be an exemplar society that can be held up to other societies as a source of learning and inspiration. This society will have made strong progress towards achieving their aims and will have had a positive impact upon its membership. This society may have gone the extra mile in relation to a specific activity or project – this award will recognise and celebrate this.

Events Volunteer Award Criteria

This award is for someone who has made a big contribution to running SU events, helping students to come together, get involved and have fun.

Individual Achievement Award Criteria

This person has shown outstanding enthusiasm, responsibility and commitment to volunteering. Their efforts will have significantly benefited the student community and/or impacted positively on the wider community. This person will have motivated and inspired others in their role and demonstrated excellent communication skills with other volunteers and staff.

SU Buddy of the Year Criteria

This Buddy has shown great commitment to the SU Buddies scheme and a real willingness to support their fellow students. They have communicated effectively with the student(s) they were matched with including: showing them around campus and the city, checking on how they’ve settled in, passing on information about social activities /Mate Dates and signposting students to other services as and when they need it. They have also engaged in additional training opportunities in order to enhance their skills and provide the best support they can to their peers.

Outstanding School Coordinator

We’re on the lookout for an outstanding School Coordinator, worthy of an SU Loves You Award. We want someone who not only demonstrates exceptional attitude and commitment towards their role but regularly goes above and beyond when it comes to their work. We’re looking for a School Coordinator who has been proactive throughout their time in this role and someone who has proven to have built strong relationships throughout the university, not only with students but with university staff and the Students’ Union.

Course Rep of the Year 2019 (x3 Awards)

Does your Course Rep go above and beyond when it comes to acting as the student voice for you and your fellow course mates?

We’re looking for 3 Course Reps who have engaged with training and other opportunities whilst actively seeking and relaying the student voice to university staff, the Students’ Union, board members and beyond.

We want people who have shown commitment to their role, a positive attitude towards change as well as being a trusted voice for everyone on your course. Do you know a remarkable Course Rep who deserves this award or are you a Course Rep and want to be recognised for the hard work you’ve done throughout the year?

Not many people would label themselves as an unsung hero, so we’re asking you to think about your friends, housemates and course-mates who’ve made a difference and never get the recognition they deserve. Do they volunteer regularly? Do they go out of their way to make other people’s lives better? Help us celebrate these individuals by nominating them for the Unsung Hero Award.

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