Running a Society

Summer is an exciting time for societies; new committees planning for the year ahead, training sessions to learn the essentials and getting ready for Freshers' Fair. This year we've got lots of new elements to consider so planning is more important than ever. This section is here to help you get your society ready to welcome new members in September.

Planning for 20/21 - A Guide for Your Societies 

Activities during Social Isolation

Risk Assessment Guidance

Food Safety Guidance

Events and Activities Form 

Incident Report Procedures

Incident Report Form 

Trip Pack

Trip Passenger List

• External Speaker - Coming Soon

• A Guide to Events and Activities - Coming Soon


We are delighted to annouce we now provide a service to order personalised society hoodies through the Students' Union!!

Hoodies cost £25 and include the University Logo on the front and Society name printed on the back...colour chosen by the society!

If this is something you would like more information on contact: