Food Waste on Campus

A few months ago, a student posted an idea on Make it Happen about food waste on campus. The idea said:

"I have been recently having a chat with one of the caterers at the university and turns out when it is the holidays, there is a lot of food wastage, especially at St. Peter’s campus, even though there is not much food out. The cafeteria closes at 3 pm and so all that food that isn’t sold and can not be rapidly frozen is wasted.

I understand that this is not just a problem here in the university but also other restaurants or supermarkets but I believe that there has to be a solution for food wastage at least on campus.

My idea is, that potentially in the last hour, the food could be given to students for free or for a much cheaper price. This would ensure food is not wasted and students who may not be able to afford something on campus, can get a meal or snack."

Since then, Your SU has been working with the on campus caterer Elior to try and find a solution to the issue of food wate on campus. We are delighted to announce that Elior have agreed to discount all items in their chilled section (sandwiches, salads, yogurts etc) by 50% later on in the day, every day. Not only should this help tackle the environmental issue of food waste, it should also mean that students wanting to grab a snack or a late lunch in the afternoon should be able to bag themselves a bargain from the chilled section. All reduced items will be clearly labelled with a 50% off sticker. We did it!