Peer Support and Coaching




Peer support is all about students helping students! When we are worried, anxious or stressed, we can often find it difficult to find the right person to talk to. This may be because we don’t feel comfortable speaking to certain people, we may be too close to some people to share personal stuff or we may never have talked a problem over with someone before. That’s why, at the Students’ Union we want to develop our students ability to help each other and provide a support network for those who need it.


Peer support offers a range of benefits including:


  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Development of new skills
  • Improved levels of emotional resilience and wellbeing
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Signposting to more specialist services
  • The positive feeling of helping another person  

Learn more about coaching here.

If you want to access support please, want to be involved in supporting your peers or have ideas on how to develop new networks, contact our support officer, Gemma Doherty, on 0191515 3586 or


Check out some of the feedback from our current and past peer coaches!

"The trianing itself has been very information. As for the coaching pairing exercise, they have been very good and reminded me to practice coaching in my personal life with friends and family."

"The Students' Union gave me the opportunity to become a peer coach, giving me experience in coaching people which was excellent experience when applying for my current role. I also hosted an event with the Students' Union, hosting an onsite petting zoo to relive students of stresses and worries during exam periods."

100% of the coaches surveyed would recommend coaching to friends/peers.