Deonte Jam

I am Deonte Jam and I am from Nigeria. I studied Mechanical Engineering for my undergraduate degree at Swansea University before moving to Sunderland to study Engineering Management for my masters. I am one of the most passionate people you will ever meet, very hard-working and a down to earth person.  

What are your main areas for development this academic year?

Providing spaces for societies, sports and communities.

Push for Wednesday lectures to be recorded and available to team members.

Create more activities for all students on campus 

Have an open door policy

Set up a sport team feedback and action system to enable well-organized administration of the union

Why is representing the student voice important to you?

I ran for this position as I was already a member of the men’s football team, the Nigerian society and the catholic society. Also I was the chair of the Union Ccouncil at the Students' Union and was able to understand the structure and knew what the students wanted. Representing the student voice is very important to me due to the fact that I was a student and I understand what they want and need. Having been elected to represent students, I will be working with the other exec team to make sure that student voices will be heard.

Deonte Jam
Vice President: Societies & Sports

t: (0191) 515 3512