Jelena Pascenko

My name is Jelena (Helena) Pascenko and I come from Lithuania. For 4 years I have been a student at the University of Sunderland. My journey started from BA in International Tourism and Hospitality management where I have spent amazing 3 years of studies and graduated with 2.1 diploma. Currently, I am studying MA in Public Relations and expected to graduate by December 2017. I decided to become a Vice President Community and Events because for more than 15 years I was engaged in various students led activities and communities and events. Coming from performing arts background, I have always been a part of cultural groups/arts communities as well as events such as fundraising and charity events, talent and beauty competitions and etc. Previous experiences in events, arts and hospitality sector have given me a great understanding of what could I bring to students and become useful and helpful to our communities bringing us together and uniting us in shared experiences and activities. 

What are your main areas for development this academic year? :
• Creating more vibrancy around City St.Peters and London campuses. Have more events and vibrancy at the St.Peters as well as City campuses, more out of the class events for all students. 
 • More events associated with future careers for students to build up their knowledge out of class, hands on experiences, improving CVs 
• getting a social space for students 
• Social and out of the class events. Trips, themed parties, game nights, talent shows, international food events and many more. Have a greater focus on mature students as well as their children.
• Socialising and communicating more with local communities as well as collaborating and supporting each other for more productive and progressive year. 
• Working close with the Sports, wellbeing and engagement as well as Education officers supporting their campaigns as well as bringing diversity and creativity to our mutual ideas.

Why is representing the student voice important to you?

As a current student at University of Sunderland, being a part of university life for four years as well as part of our community, I believe it makes me a strong representative of the student voice. For me it is very important for students to have an opportunity to share their views, raise concerns, improve the life of the university and participate in ‚out of the class’ activities allowing them to have a better life while being a students. My aim as VP Community and Events is to make sure every student has the same opportunities and that they understand that their voice is heard and respected.

Jelena Pascenko
Vice President: Community & Events

t: (0191) 515 2789