Microwaves on Campus

For some time now, students have been requesting access to microwaves on campus so that they have the option to bring food from home and heat up a tasty snack in between classes or while studying at the library. 

We're delighted that Your SU has successfully lobbied the University to bring microwaves to campus - you asked for it and we made it happen!

The microwaves have been installed at Murray Library on City Campus and the University recently confirmed that they will now be a permanent addition! The SU will now lobby for them to be installed at St Peter's Campus as well. We understand that students at St Peter's are also keen to see microwaves on campus there and this is something we are still working towards. 

In the meantime, you can find the new microwaves in the Cafe area of Murray Library - please keep them clean and use them sensibly to show the University there is a real demand for this facility!