Mature & Postgraduate Officer

Kathleen Mitchell 

Sunderland Students’ Union and the University of Sunderland know how important Mature and Postgraduate learners are. These two groups of students often overlap in membership, and the role of the Mature & Postgraduate Officer is to make sure that all partners consider these communities in their work. The officer usually makes sure that we play an active part in NUS Mature Students Campaigns and Postgraduate Students Campaigns, as well as works on the submission of policies to both. Kathleen will be working closely with the Mature Students Society, a group dedicated to bringing learners together to socialise and share experiences. You can also join the society here!



"Representing the interests of students over 21 at the University of Sunderland; making sure that student-facing services are accessible and appropriate for everyone regardless of age, level of study or other commitments".