We want you to tell us what changes we should be working on to improve your University experience here at Sunderland.

This could be on things ranging from improvements to your library and changes to Union merchandise stock, to asserting the need for the Union to work on lobbying for changes to University policy.

When an idea gets 20 supporters it will be taken to either Union Council for further discussion (where you will be invited to present it), or it will be considered for direct change by the relevant member of Union staff depending on the size of the idea.


How it works

  • Log in to the Students' Union website and submit your idea and wait for approval (to make sure no offensive ideas are submitted).
  • Your idea will be active for 1 month from date of approval.
  • Now it is over to you! Get your friends and peers involved. Promote your idea! Share your idea on Facebook and Twitter, with your course groups, sports groups and societies groups to get support!
  • Your Policy and Campaigns team will update you with the progress of your idea, and give you tips throughout the month.
  • Once it gets to 20 'likes', Union staff will determine whether it needs to go to Union Council or not.
  • If not, we’ll contact you to work with you to try and 'Make it Happen'.
  • If yes, you will be contacted by an Executive Officer to discuss your idea and prepare it for Union Council.
  • You will be invited to present your idea at Union Council.
  • If it is successful at a Union Council vote, we will work with you to try and 'Make it Happen'.


Think about 'IT'

  • Does your idea resolve an issue?
  • What information/research do you already have to support your idea?
  • How does your idea impact student experience? 
  • How will your idea improve your expericence academically?
  • What would you like to see as a result? 

A little more info

Once your idea has been submitted and approved, it will be put in a category depending on what stage in the process it is at.  

Here is what each category means:

New ideas 

Approved ideas for consideration by other students.

Second chance

These are ideas which did not reach the 20 'like' threshold' the first time, but were discussed and agreed at a Forum. If a Forum agrees, an initially unsuccessful idea can be put up for another month to see if it will be successful.

Maybe one day

These are ideas which failed to gain either the general support of students, at Forums, or the approval of Union Council.

The same idea cannot be taken to Union Council more than once in a single academic year.

Sent to Union Council or Forums 

Union Council: These ideas have received the required level of support but are so big or complex, that it must be taken to Union Council for discussion and voting.

Forums: These ideas have received some student support, and so will be discussed at to gather more student opinion on the idea.

The individual who submitted the idea will be invited to have a meeting with a member of the Policy and Campaigns team to prepare them to present their idea at Union Council or Forums.

We are working on it 

These are ideas which the Union are working to implement.

We changed it 

Here you can find ideas which have been implemented, and the changes that have been achieved.