Choose | between 28 July 2017 and 30 January 2018

We’ve set out a timescale for the changes we want your help to make - take a look.


Test Model 1: Digital First

  • If you have an idea you can submit it online between 25 September and 2 October.
  • Your idea will then be published for others to see and comment on between 2 October and 5 October.
  • Voting will open on all of the ideas between 5 October and 6 October.
  • If your idea gets enough support, then we’ll work to act on it (unless it has a policy requirement).
  • The union will produce and publish a priority agenda of ideas (based on the amount of votes an idea got) to be discussed and agreed at the following Union Council meeting on the 12 October which you are welcome to attend.

Test Model 2: Debate (The Jury)

  • If you have an idea you can submit it online between 16 October and 23 October.
  • If you would like to be part of the group who decides on the ideas you can sign up to declare your interest.
  • A diverse demographic of students will be randomly contacted to participate as part of a panel and attend a training session
  • The panel will hear a case for each idea (either in writing or verbally from the submitter) on 25 October.
  • The jury will produce a recommendation to Council which meets on 1 November about which ideas it should ratify, which you are welcome to attend. 
  • If less than 1/3 of the jury think it is a good idea it will be dropped, if more than 2/3 think it is a good idea it will be recommended to be taken forward.  Ideas in the middle will be further discussed at Council

Test Model 3: Let's Talk (Forums)

  • If you have an idea you can submit it online between 6 November and 17 November.
  • All of the ideas will be published on our website on 20 November.
  • We will host a number of discussion groups focusing on specific areas which your idea may fall into such as Education, Wellbeing & Diversity, Student Activities and Union Development.
  • The forums will be held the week commencing 27 November and you are welcome to attend any you have an interest in.  Groups such as course reps will be specifically invited to relevant forums such as Education.
  • These forums will produce recommendations for the Union Council meeting on 5 December which you are welcome to attend.


To get involved in this change, get involved NOW! 

Fill in this survey before 29 September.

This survey is just a small part of the consultation we’re doing at Sunderland SU to try and make your Union better.