Change | Final Articles and Final Bye-Laws available to download now

You’ve clicked and chosen – now let’s change. The final version of the Articles and Bye-Laws are now online.



To view the SU submission to the Charity Commision of the changes to the articles CLICK HERE

Please note: until the new documents are formally adopted, any discrepencies between new and old documents will be resolved by the Board of Trustees, who will decide the appropriate course of action.


After months of consultation and review, the final Articles were approved by Union Council on Wednesday 17 January.

The byelaws have been approved by the Board of Trustees.


Thank you and well done to everyone for their hard work and input into these reviews which will make Sunderland a better Students’ Union for all its members.

You can read the final documents below, where we also have the motion that went to Union Council on Wednesday 17 January.


What's next

The next steps are that we will consult once again with the student body through a extraordinary general meeting (EGM) and present these changes to the University for their approval too.

Click here for details of this meeting.

To read our EGM FAQ's CLICK HERE


Let’s be clear – new Articles

Proposed by: Jelena Pascenko, Vice President: Community and Events

This Union notes

  1. That since July 2017 the Union has been reviewing its governing documents, democratic models and officer roles
  2. That the Union needs to change to better suit the students at the University of Sunderland and create more dynamic ways for them to engage with setting policy so it can better represent students
  3. That it has consulted with students, student council members, officers and trustees through face to face meetings, open seminars, online surveys and emails
  4. That part of this consultation included new Officer Roles.
  5. That the “Let’s be clear” website has documented this consultation and the different versions of the governing documents.
  6. That the “Let’s be clear” website contains information about each stage of the changes to these documents
  7. That the Trustee Board can make changes to the Bye-Laws (Article 31) and has done so to enable the elections to take place this term with the new officer roles that have been consulted on since July.
  8. That to change the Articles Student Council make a proposal to a general meeting (57.1)
  9. That the Trustee Board must also make such a proposal to a general meeting.
  10. That the General Meeting must approve the proposal with a special resolution
  11. That during a transitional period there will be some conflict between the old bye-laws and the new and that interpretation of the governing documents is property of the Board of Trustees should any issues arise.

This Union resolves

  1. To propose this final set of Articles available online marked “Final Articles”.
  2. To empower the Trustee Board to make amendments after review for legal and governance compliance and consultation with the University
  3. To call a General Meeting at such a time as the Trustee Board believe will maximise participation


From the initial proposals in July, the meetings with students in September and October, the review by Union Council and the Executive Officers and the Trustees of the Union through to this version, you’ve clicked through and chosen these documents. 

Students and Executive Officers have engaged long and hard with these documents and have shaped them through conversations, polls, surveys, emails, conversations and meetings with you, the students on University of Sunderland.

These documents were presented to Union Council and the Trustee Board and have been approved.

Contact if you have any questions.

Memorandum and Articles

Bye laws

Previous versions available to download below:

If you wish to feedback before this, please send you comments via email to

*Notice of the annual general meeting to pass the proposals, including the special resolution to do so, will appear here when ready.*

The Reconvened 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the University of Sunderland Students' Union was held on:

Wednesday 13 December  | 1.30pm

David Goldman Informatics Centre, Lecture Room 2

An AGM is a meeting which any member of the Students' Union (if you're a University of Sunderland student then you're a member!) can attend, at which the company's accounts and affiliations will be ratified by the members.


We want your views and we’ve set out a timescale below for the changes we want to make.

  • Items in blue below are times when students can feed into the process directly.
  • Items in purple show the times that the trustees, including student representatives, will be considering your feedback.
  • Items in pink are times when a decision will be made. 

We will do our best to keep to these timescales.