What’s happening?

Sunderland SU is an amazing place but we think it can be better.

We want it to be the home of all students; a place where you can get involved in activities and decision making.

Over the next year we want to make our organisation easier to get involved with and engage more students so that we’re better at making improvements in YOUR course and YOUR student life. 

Who is “we”?

The exec (elected officers) and the other people who are responsible for the proper running of the union (the Trustees). This discussion has come from you and your peers, telling us you don’t understand the union and don’t feel like you can get involved with it.

What does this change involve?

There are 2 aspects. The exciting bit is that we’re reviewing the way that we make decisions. We don’t feel that the current Union Council model fully engages with all students and gives the right opportunities for the types of students we have at Sunderland, including distance learners, those who work as well as study and everyone who hasn’t felt able to get involved before. We’ll also be looking at whether the officer roles we have are the right fit for the type of university we are and the type of students you are.

The other side is that we don’t think our constitution is fit for purpose. It’s confusing and out of date. We are unusual in the UK for having a set of rules which don’t fit the standard model for students’ unions and this has caused frustration for those of you wanting to get involved.

What we’ll end up with is something tailored for you, Sunderland Students, and that is clearer to understand.

What does this mean for the things I currently do in the union?

You’ll still be able to be part of the things you enjoy including SU Communities, volunteering and fundraising.

If you want to make decisions, to hold the officers to account and suggest big ideas for change on our campuses, you’ll still be able to.

We’re about making things easier to understand and appealing to more people rather than stopping doing the exciting things which make Sunderland so great.

How can we make this change?

A proposal will come jointly from our Trustee Board and Union Council in December 2017 and then we’ll be asking you to vote for it at a general meeting in January 2018.

The proposal will need to be approved by both 75% of the students at this meeting and also 75% of the trustees who are attending.

These sound like big decisions – what’s happening so I can understand them?

We’ll be consulting with you on a number of occasions. We really want your views and thoughts before we make the final proposals in December 2017. We’ll be consulting with you via:

You can email ussu@sunderland.ac.uk

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