How do I become a Course Rep?

We’re really excited that you’re interested in the role of Course Rep – it is fantastic and rewarding opportunity while studying at the University of Sunderland! 

At the start of the academic year, you should receive a talk from your programme leader or the Students’ Union about Course Reps, the role and what to expect. 

If you are interested and it sounds like something you would like to do, Your SU will be running an online selection process to become and choose all on campus Course Reps for each programme, stage and grouping within the University of Sunderland. In the last academic year we ran a pilot selection process in Faculty of Education and Society, and after this success will be rolling it out to the whole of the university.

Below is all the information you need to know about the process of putting yourself forward, or recommend someone to be a Course Rep. This academic year (2019/20), YOUR Students’ Union is running a secure online selection process on behalf of all courses in the University of Sunderland. Using the online system ensures that all students interested in the role have the opportunity to put themselves forward, and be fairly voted in to post by fellow course mates.

For most courses there will be at least 1 Course Rep per year group (some larger courses, or courses with tutor grouping, may have different numbers of Course Reps). If you have any questions about nominations, or recommending someone to be a Course Rep, contact the Students’ Union Policy and Campaigns team by email:

To be a Course Rep, you first need to put yourself forward for the role. This simply means that you tell us you want to be a Course Rep for your course. You need to sign in into the website HERE (if you have never done this before, you will need to complete a short registration) and complete the form with key details including a short statement of why you want to be a Course Rep or some of the skills you have which will make you great in the role – this doesn’t need to be long, just a couple of sentences.


Alternatively, if you think another student on the course would be great for the role, you can suggest them! Fill in our 'Recomend a Friend' form (below) with their name, email, and course and level alongside a few sentences about why you think they’re ideal for the role. They’ll then be contacted by the Policy & Campaigns team to let them know someone thinks that they should put themselves forward and give them info about how to do so!

You can put yourself forward or suggest someone during the following dates:
•    Undergraduate courses 
9am, Tuesday 8 October and 5pm, Thursday 10 October 
•    Postgraduate courses 
9am, Tuesday 15 October and 5pm, Thursday 17 October

You and others who have put themselves forward to be the Course Rep for your course, will be confirmed for the next stage of the process, where students on the course will choose who they want to represent them via the website. This is a voting process with the student(s) chosen and confirmed as the Course Rep based on receiving the highest number of votes.  
If at any time you no longer wish to stand to be a Course Rep, you’re welcome to withdraw yourself by sending an email to


All students can choose who they would like to be their Course Rep. Together, the course decides who is best to represent the collective student voice! To choose who you would like as Your Course Rep, visit and sign in to the Students’ Union website using your ‘My Sunderland’ details. Once signed in, you’ll automatically be taken to the right page for your course (or tutor grouping) with those who have put themselves forward listed for you to choose from. Select your number 1 choice from the list. If more than one student has put themselves forward, you can select them as second or third preference and so on.

Choosing Your Course Rep can be done between the following dates:

  • Undergraduate courses 

9am, Friday 11 October and  5pm, Sunday 13 October.

  • Postgraduate courses 

9am, Friday 18 October and 5pm, Sunday 20 October

Students who have been chosen to be Your Course Rep will be notified of the outcome, sent a welcome letter from the Policy and Campaigns team and invited to training via email. 


Programme leaders and the programme support teams will be notified so they can keep in touch about gaining student feedback for the course. Students will also be able to check who their Course Rep is via the SU website.

If you know someone who would make a great Course Rep let us know! We'll contact them to tell them someone thinks they'd do a great job for students and give them all the info they need to know about how to nominate themselves.

Just fill in the form below and we'll do the rest. 

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