How do I become a Course Rep?

We’re really excited that you’re interested in the role of Course Rep – it is fantastic and rewarding opportunity while studying at the University of Sunderland! 

At the start of the academic year, you should receive a talk from your programme leader or the Students’ Union about Course Representation, the role and what to expect. 

If you are interested and it sounds like something you would like to do, Your SU will be running online elections to elect all Course Reps for each programme and stage within the University of Sunderland. This is the first year we will be running online elections for the whole university. In the last academic year we ran a pilot election in Faculty of Education and Society, and after this success will be rolling it out to the whole of the university.

Below is all the information you need to know about the process of nominating yourself, or recommending someone to be a Course Rep. This academic year (2019/20), YOUR Students’ Union is holding secure online elections on behalf of all courses in the University of Sunderland. Using the online system ensures that all students interested in the role have the opportunity to put themselves forward, and be democratically voted in to post by fellow course mates.

For most courses there will be at least 1 Course Rep per year group (some larger courses, or courses with tutor grouping, may have different numbers of Course Reps). All information about how many Course Representatives on your course will be accessible on the Students’ Union website during the nomination period. If you have any questions about nominations, or recommending someone to be a Course Rep, contact the Students’ Union Representation team by email:

To be a Course Rep, you first need to nominate yourself as a candidate in the elections. Sign in to the website HERE and complete the nomination form, and upload a mini statement (manifesto) about why you want to undertake the role. Alternatively, if you think someone would be great for the role, you can suggest them for the role. Fill in the embedded form below with their name, email and a few sentences about why you think they’re ideal for the role. They’ll be contacted by the Students' Union to let them know someone thinks they’d be great as a Course Rep and they should nominate themselves!

Nomination Dates:  TBC

Once nominations close, you will be confirmed as a candidate for your course. The Representation team will be in touch about voting and send the SU’s full election guidance (we have certain rules which govern elections, which all candidates will be expected to follow to ensure a fair and secure ballot). If at any time you no longer wish to stand for Course Rep elections, you’re welcome to withdraw yourself. To do this, email the Representation team on

To vote, sign in to the Students’ Union website using your ‘My Sunderland’ details, where once signed in, you’ll automatically be taken to the right election for your course (or tutor grouping). You are only able to vote for Course Rep on your course.

Voting dates: TBC

Once voting closes, results will be checked and all candidates will be notified if they have/have not been successfully voted in to post.

The winners of the Course Rep elections will be announced online following the close of voting. Those who have been successful, will be sent a welcome pack from the Representative team and dates of initial training. In addition, programme leaders and the programme support teams will be notified so they can keep in touch about gaining student feedback for the course. Those who haven’t been successful, will be offered other opportunities to be involved with related to student voice on campus, including being a member of our new forums. .

If you know someone who would make a great Course Rep let us know! We'll contact them to tell them someone thinks they'd do a great job for students and give them all the info they need to know about how to nominate themselves.

Just fill in the form below and we'll do the rest. 

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