Mature Students Group

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Your SU is looking for students whom are interested in being involved in developing and delivering a Mature Students Society. We know that mature students welcome time and space to speak to other mature students. As a group you can offer one another support, add value to your academic journey and get involved with activities and events. 

We need some interested students to take on the leadership roles within the Mature Students Society. The society should have at least a President and a Treasurer but it could also have a range of other roles to ensure that running the group is a shared task - a collaboration of your skills and ideas.

If you are interested in being more involved please get in touch with us at for more information about what is involved and why it could be a great thing for you and for other mature students at our University.

Thank you from Your SU Activities and Opportunities Team 


Terms and conditions

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As a member of this society I agree to abide by the Your SU policies and procedures, its Constitution and the Your Societies Code of Conduct.