Funding for Charities

In the UK, 1000s of charities, non profit organisations and community groups play a vital role in the local community and offer important services to people, animals and the environment. Although these charities and organisations do some amazing work, the majority don’t receive any government grants or can’t access public sources of funding and instead heavily depend on general donations or from people fundraising in many ways.

To give a helping hand, the Students’ Union (a charity itself!) works closely with a number of local and national organisations each academic year with fundraising and raising awareness of the work they do. This all comes under what is commonly known as RAG – Raise and Give.

In addition we know many students at the University volunteer with and support many other organisations. The volunteering team are here to help any student with their fundraising on campus, including offering advice, supplying equipment and finding spaces to undertake their volunteering.

No matter if you want o join our fundraising or organise your own, you’ll develop skills and experiences while supporting communities locally and internationally.