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Sunderland Students’ Union to provide free sanitary products for students

The University of Sunderland Students’ Union has announced that it is launching an initiative to provide free sanitary products for students.

Kirsty Paterson, Vice President: Wellbeing and Engagement is the lead officer on the project. She says:

“We understand that students are under a lot of financial pressure while they are at University and we want to support them as much as we can while they are here. The costs of sanitary products can often be quite high and it’s an unavoidable expense.

We have seen in the press recently the impact that this can have on education, with young girls regularly missing school, college and University because they are unable to afford sanitary products. We think this is wrong and are pleased to announce that from today we will be offering free sanitary products to those who need them. No girl should ever have to miss out on her education due to something that is completely out of her control.

The Students’ Union works closely with students to support their wellbeing during their time at University. Any student wanting to claim the free sanitary products should call into the Students’ Union on the ground floor of Edinburgh Building on the University’s City Campus. Products will also soon be made available at the Students’ Union at St Peter’s Campus.

Kirsty continues:

“I hope that this will help lots of students at Sunderland. We know that many of our students are on low incomes or providing for their own families and hope this will help ensure that they are able to participate fully in University life without the added concern of paying for sanitary products.”

For more information about Sunderland Students’ Union and the work it does to support students, please visit