Who Found Funding

19/20 Round 1 Winner!

Congratulations to: Second Year Fashion Show, Glass & Ceramics Degree Show & The Future & Sunderland Conference.

Application 1 | The Future & Sunderland Conference | 7.50% 6

Application 2 | Glass & Ceramics Degree Show | 17.50% 14

Application 3 | Second Year Fashion Show | 70.00% 56


Application 1 | The Future & Sunderland Conference  | £250

WHO: Neville Glean

This conference will be a way for students and staff of Sunderland University to discuss the future and what role Sunderland will play in it. We want to think about Sunderland on a global scale, not just a local one. To create a healthy ecosystem for idea construction and cultivation. Have an idea you want to share? Have a research paper you want to advertise? Have a presentation you want to show? As long as it is to do with the future, we want to hear it. We want to empower your vision on a platform for all of Sunderland to hear. After the conference we wish to have a 'Get Together', where students and staff alike can meet up and talk, critique, expand and even build professional workgroups. Be the creators of the future you want.

Application 2 | Glass and Ceramics Degree Show | £250

WHO: Jessica Wright

We want a fun way to create some promotional material for our degree show. We think that postcards are a great way to do this as visitors can pick individual postcards of the artwork they love.  With the money each student will be able have their own set of postcards to give away with beautiful photographs of their work as well as creating a group postcard that will showcase the whole exhibition. This will be great exposure for the university as well as the students whom many are looking into setting up their own practice and getting their name out there.

Application 3 | Second Year Fashion Show | £250

WHO: Amelia Christie

We are hosting a fashion show in May 2020 and this funding will be vital in helping us organise and promote our show. The show will help us gain unique insight and experience into events management, communication and innovation, whilst showcasing our garments

19/20 Round 1 London Winner!

Congratulations to: Your Uni Radio & Cricket Sunderland London - One Team One Dream!

Application 1 | Your Uni Radio | 

Application 2 | Cricket Sunderland London - One Team One Dream | 


Application 1 | Your Uni Radio | £250

WHO: Alexandra-Anamaria Beqiri
We live in a crazy-busy world, but we all love to connect to disconnect. YourUniRadio it is my idea of a podcast where Sunderland students and tutors can be interviewed and you can learn from their life experiences how you can succeed in career and their tips&tricks of a balanced-lifestyle... all for you, connect to disconnect in order to relax and listen to amazing inspirational stories!

Application 2 | Cricket Sunderland London - One Team One Dream | £250

WHO: Shadab Syed
My plan was to build a cricket team for the university and was started from last 9 10 months to let students know there is a cricket society to join and choose and now we have around 30 - 35 students signed up already who wants to play. The resources i will need in present are 1. A cricket kit which contains all the necessary equipment to play. 2. A ground or indoor nets sessions to play and practice which can be booked by the university.

18/19 Round 2 Winner!

Congratulations to: Make the University Greener, MA Exhibition on the National Glass Centre & Great Scott: A Tour of Sir Walter Scott's Baronial Mansion, Study, and Gardens

Application 1 | Healthy body, healthier mind! | 1.09% 4

Application 2 | Make the University Greener | 32.97% 121

Application 3 | Buy second-hand in-demand textbooks (simple supply and demand) | 1.09% 4

Application 4 | Great Scott: A tour of Sir Walter Scott’s Baronial Mansion, Study and Gardens| 11.17% 41

Application 5 | Trip to Media City UK | 1.09% 4

Application 6 | MA Exhibition on The National Glass Centre| 52.59% 193


Application 1 | Healthy Body, Healthier Mind  | £300

WHAT – According to my survey, which took place on students that study in both city campus and St. Peter's campus, 3/5 (three fifths) of the students you took part on the survey, cannot afford a gym membership. According to Plato, a healthy body makes a healthy mind. The healthy mind can help students excel on their studies. A healthy body takes time, patience is need and a lot of hard work. So he individual is trained to be patient and work hard, and that make him very good at working under pressure which demands patience and work. These make an individual suitable for being a student. So my plan is, we give money to our design students of our university, to design a low budget outdoor gym, which will have monkey bars for pull-ups and generally facilities for body weight exercise also known as calisthenics.

Application 2 | Make the University Greener  | £200
WHO – Maria Eduardo De Sousa Costa

WHAT – My idea, which is part of my final academic project, is to encourage the University to have more green areas, community gardens and to develop the concept of sustainability in or on campus. I will use the funding to buy plants and fruit and to print information leaflets to distribute to students to provide education about the concept of sustainability.

Application 3 | Buy second-hand in demand textbooks | £300
WHO – Adedayo Adeyemi

WHAT – My idea is to buy second hand text books at the end of term and to sell them onto new students and the start of term – simple supply and demand. The sellers will get a reasonable price and the new students will be able to buy the books at less than half price – both will benefit hugely from this idea. The money will be spent on purchasing books, travel costs and delivery costs.

Application 4 | Great Scott: A tour of Sir Walter Scott's Baronial Mansion, Study & Gardens | £300 (awarded £250)
WHO –Anthony Anderson

WHAT – The idea is to organise a trip from Humanities students to visit Abbotsford House, Melrose for a guided tour of Sir Walter Scott’s residence. This would be of great benefit given the role of Scott in the University’s English courses. The funding would be used towards travel costs and I have spoken to the Abbotsford House team and that have advised that a discounted group price would be available.

Application 5 | Trip to Media City UK | £300
WHO – Vanessa Boamah

WHAT – Media City in Manchester is known for creative and innovative digital businesses and allows members of the public to have tours around their studios and offices. This place hosts numerous BBC programmes such as ‘Match of the Day’ and ‘Blue Peter’. Media students will be able to get some insight into the types of jobs and work that happens there. Also there will be access to a media expert there to answer any questions they may have about the industry. We will use the money to book a tour of Media City for interested media students and also to support the travel costs.

Application 6 | MA Exhibition on the National Glass Centre | £150
WHO – Bente Brekke

WHAT – Our big finale as MA Glass and Ceramics students is the exhibition at the National Glass Centre main gallery in September 2019. To raise money for the show, we as the group want to design and make products for sale at The Hepworth Wakefield Contemporary Ceramics Fair (4/5th May). The funding will be used for the costs of fees and travel expenses and we can start earning from our first sale.

18/19 Round 1 Winner!

Congratulations to: Raw Edit - Fashion Show


161 valid votes

Application 1 | UoS Holi 2k19 | £300 



Application 2 | Raw Edit - Fashion Show | £300



Application 3 | Graduation Ball 2019 | £300



Application  4 | International Womens Day | £300 



Application 5 | Destination Dior | £300 



Application 6 | Student Support Guest Speaker | £300

 0%   0
Application 7 | SU Loves YOU | £300  14%  23




WHO - Malayalee Society 

WHAT -  We would like to host a traditional Indian festival called holi, also known as the festival of colours. This fun filled festival consists of music, dance, food and the prominent use of bright vibrant holi powder. This festival has become popular across the globe and is one of the most celebrated festival originating from India, by anyone regardless of their race, culture and faith.

WHY - Holi festival is a very popular event organised by many universities across the UK. We believe students at Sunderland are missing out in this fun and wish to deliver a day students here can experience this festival. What inspired as the most was the huge amount of support and encouragement we got back from students, when we suggested this idea; many were keen to help conduct the event. More than anything it gives students regardless of their race, culture and faith the opportunity to come together and have fun.

WHO – 2nd Year Fashion Students 

WHAT – We are hosting a fashion show and this funding will help us arrange and promote it. This fashion show will give us numerous skills of event management, communication and innovation and will show our many talents of fashion design. We had an exhibition in the Priestman Gallery which gave us a starting point to enhance our skills and develop them further.

WHY - Our fashion show will benefit students outside our course. The show will provide a showcase for other art and design courses and will offer us an opportunity to invite in industry professionals, like Sam Weller Ltd who gave us the opportunity to use their fabrics in our work. Other students could also be a part of the show and enjoy the experience of a fashion show.

WHO – BA Primary Education Students 

WHAT – The BA Primary Education cohort are organising a graduation ball as a celebratory event before graduating and becoming teachers! This event is highly anticipated amongst those studying! However, due to a reduced number of people on the course this year it has meant that the funds we have been able to be gather does not amount to a significant value and therefore we are struggling to organise an event that reflects the amount of hard work we have put in over the past three years! We would love to ensure that the cohort get a send off to remember!

WHY – It will benefit the final year students on the Primary Education course. It will allow for an event that reflects a night to be remembered at the end of a challenging degree!

WHO – Sister Shack

WHAT – As part of International Women's Day, Sister Shack will be showcasing stalls with a creative, entrepreneurial and artistic background. We will be focusing on the wellbeing of women by the way of specialist stalls, speakers, workshops and performers.

WHY – All students, staff and the general public will benefit. There will be specialist talks and stands from many organisations. Advice will be given out to students to make their university experience safer. I have a lot of individuals and organisations on board and there will be live music, a DJ workshop, live poetry and free gifts given out. There will also be stalls to purchase one off handmade items by many crafters and artists from The North East. I have contacted many societies to be involved also.

WHO – Third Year Fashion Students 

WHAT – As third year fashion students, we want to use our last year as an opportunity to soak up all the industry has to offer whilst still at university. In order to do this, we want to visit London for the final time together as a group, and attend the Dior Fashion Exhibition at the V&A Museum. We also want to use the trip to visit fabric and flagship stores to influence our final major project and finish our third year with a bang.

WHY - The idea will benefit committed third year students studying Fashion Design & Promotion. We are also happy to share our experiences through the Fashion Society with other members of the fashion department, sharing photos and ideas to possibly influence and expand their knowledge.

WHO – Talking for wellbeing  

WHAT – Guest speakers to come into the university to give speeches on a range of topics; motivation, success, mental health, general knowledge etc Something along the lines of Sunderland’s version of a TED talk, this could help to inspire and encourage students to be the best version of themselves and take advantage of the university’s services. This would require further funding down the line but being accepted for the future fund is a start.

WHY – By providing talks on topics such as mental health, coping strategies, career goals, motivational talks, ADHD awareness this would help to inspire the students to take advantage of their time and to not waste it. As a student recently  diagnosed with ADHD I’ve been at a low point in my life and needed drive to continue my degree. I was unable to focus or find motivation and I was ready to drop out. The reason I’m still at university is because I used TED talks to inspire myself to keep going. There’s something comforting hearing about other people’s struggles and how they overcame them that seemed to spur me on. It’s been massively beneficial and the ever increasing popularity of these talks should show that they are having a positive impact globally. Having these talks in place also allows for the opportunity for students to Network and promotes discussion between people from a variety of courses.

WHO – Year 2 Events Management Students

WHAT –We are planning an event for the Students Union which will be an awards ceremony to highlight the achievements of volunteers, societies and SU buddies over the academic year. We are wanting extra money to pay for catering at our event to make it more special and rewarding for guests. The funding would also allow our group to add finishing touches to the event to make it a memorable occasion and celebrate the hard work of the universities volunteers.

WHY – Our event idea will enhance the opportunities that the SU have to offer which include volunteering, societies, SU buddies and many more. It will show guests the positive impact that these students have on the university and how important they are and can encourage others to take part in future opportunities.



17/18 Term 3 Funding Round WINNER!

Congratulations to: African's Unite


124 valid votes

Application 1 | Hollywood Glamour End of year Student Ball | £300 



Application 2 | Food Diversity Day | £300



Application 3 | African’s Unite | £300



Application  4 | Trip to a Game Company | £100 



Application 5 | Film Festival | £150 



Application 6 | Sunderland Football Team in London | £300

 7%   9
Application 7 | TEDx at University of Sunderland | £300  11%  13




Application 1 | Hollywood Glamour End of year Student Ball | £300

WHO - Business, Events & Tourism students

WHAT - We are arranging an end of year celebration ball for Sunderland University students studying business, events & tourism. The purpose of the ball is to celebrate the end of the semester. It is a ‘black tie’ event with red carpet drinks reception, three course meal, DJ, dance floor, photo both, photographer and an after party.

WHY - The funding will help to bring down the cost of the tickets and enable us to deliver the full programme.

Application 2 | Food Diversity Day | £300

WHO – Foluke Stell Bosun-Arije

WHAT – Given the diversity that exists in our school we could provide up to 20 local meals and display the foods for students and staff to taste. After eating we can vote for the best food and post it on our website.

WHY - Sharing food has a range of benefits; it promotes interaction between students, strengthens their sense of belonging and showcases the rich diversity of our University.

Application 3 | African’s Unite | £300 | *FOUND FUNDING*

WHO – Angelo Okiotorhoro

WHAT – African’s Unite will be a 2 day event of sports and cultural celebrations and displays. There will be performances, African foods to taste and speakers to talk about the African culture.

WHY – The event would showcase the African culture to the University to spread cultural knowledge and to reduce stereotyping.

Application 4 | Trip to a Game Company | £100

WHO – Roseanne Curtis

WHAT – My idea is to organise a trip for games students to visit a games company to find out more about how games are developed, how the games industry works and what it takes to work there. This full day event will give students that chance to look around the company, meet the team and ask questions to help us to learn more. The Find Funding money would be used to pay for travel and other related costs.

WHY – The visit would give us really good insight into the games industry.

Application 5 | Film Festival | £150 

WHO – Ihab Ghonim

WHAT – I want to develop and deliver a film festival at the University next year for all students. This year I want to use the Find Funding money to start the development group for the event and get lots of people involved in making it happen.

WHY - Through a film festival we can show the creative side of the University. We can show films of all kinds (short, documentary, animation) enabling us to exchange our cultural and artistic views about the work presented. We could have a film award show as part of the event. The event would be entertaining and could get many people involved.  

Application 6 | Sunderland Football Team in London | £300

WHO – Shamso Miah

WHAT – As a new football team in London we want to join a local football league to compete, win trophies and have fun. We already have good players, a kit, we train regularly together – joining a league is the next step.

WHY – The team provides an amazing student experience and represents Sunderland in London.

Application 7 | TEDx at University of Sunderland | £300

WHO – Maria Ntoulellari

WHAT – Tedx is an international organisational that organises TED-style events anywhere and everywhere celebrating locally driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. TEDx events are produced independently of TED conferences but are based on TED’s format and rules. Each event curates speakers for their event. The Find Funding will start us off developing this for our University.

WHY – The benefit to students and the University has many elements. Students from business, events and finance will be able to work together as a team to share ideas and develop new skills while delivering this life changing experience.

17/18 Term 2 Funding Round WINNER


Fashion Show


116 valid votes

Application 1 | Tracking the Students’ Union Bus | £300



Application 2 | London Tours | £200



Application 3 | Fashion Show | £300



Application 4 | Public Health – An audience with Sir Michael Marmot | £300  



Application 5 | Student Rep Social | £250



Application 6 | Martial Arts Festival | £300

 5%   5




Application 1 | Tracking the Students’ Union Bus | £300

WHO – I’m interested in designing an app which tracks the Students’ Union bus and shows students where it is so they know when to catch it and when they need to make other arrangements.

WHAT – With the funding I’d work on developing a tracking app for the Students’ Union bus so that student travellers can see where it is. I’ll work closely with the Students’ Union to do this.

WHY – Having a tracking app would be helpful for all students who use the bus as they would be able to know when the bus is coming. 

Application 2 | London Tours | £200

WHO – I want to help London based University of Sunderland students to get to know their host city and enjoy their student experience.

WHAT – With other student volunteers I will take interested students to London landmarks. Groups of around 10 students will be supported by us to see London sites. The funding will support us to develop these local outings.

WHY – The visits will bring students together to share their student experience and to meet new friends.

Application 3 | Fashion Show | £300 | *FOUND FUNDING*

WHO – As second year Fashion Product and Promotion students we are looking ahead to our final year show. To prepare for this we want to develop an incredible fashion show this year.

WHAT – This year’s fashion show will be a chance for us to gain vital experience and to raise money for next year’s show. We want this show to be a major success and this funding will help us to arrange and promote the event. Our recent fashion exhibition in Priestman Gallery was a great achievement and we are ready to develop our work even further.

WHY – The benefit reaches to students beyond our course. The show will provide a showcase for other art and design courses and will offer us an opportunity to invite in industry professionals; a great networking opportunity. Other students could attend the show and enjoy the experience of a fashion show. 

Application 4 | Public Health – An audience with Sir Michael Marmot | £300

WHO – Public Health students would like to encourage and inspire students and staff about their area of study by creating an interesting opportunity to learn more about Public Health and how it involves us?

WHAT – Sir Michael Marmot is a leading voice in Public Health. We would like to invite him to visit our University to host a talk for interested students and academics. The funding will go towards supporting and delivering this event.

WHY – The event would benefit all students because Public Health is something that affects us all and individuals. We hope by developing this event we can create a greater public awareness of Public Health and also raise the profile of the University.

The following link is an example of a talk, given by Sir Michael Marmot:

Application 5 | Student Rep Social | £250

WHO – Our Student Reps are volunteers who work hard to improve courses for all students – it would be great to say thank you to them and also bring them together for the first time at a networking social event.

WHAT – The Student Rep Social (bowling and pool) will give Student Reps the chance to connect and share their experiences in an informal environment. Doing this will support the programme to improve and to deliver even better results for all students when it comes to improving your courses.

WHY – The Student Reps don’t regularly come together so this social will create that space – all Student Reps will be invited.

Application 6 | Martial Arts Festival | £300

WHO – I would like to develop a UoS Martial Arts Festival for students to get involved in.

WHAT – The UoS Martial Arts Festival will offer 4 different martial arts and will be open to all students. It will bring together university martial arts groups and local clubs to showcase what they do and give tasters to students who want to learn more.

WHY -  The Martial Arts Festival will provide a range of opportunities for all students to get involved; they can participate as a volunteer, they can learn more about martial arts and what a great workout it is, they can enjoy the festival.

17/18 Term 1 Funding Round WINNER


Events Management in Practice - WEARChampions Results night


151 valid votes

Application 1 | Gaming console for Clanny House social room | £300



Application 2 | Fish and Chips Friday | £300



Application 3 | Student documentary and Entertainment Project | £300 



Application 4 | Earth, Light and Fire | £300



Application 5 | Events Management in Practice - WEARChampions Results Night | £300    






Round 1 applications | Funding available £300

Application 1 | Gaming console for Clanny House social room | £300

WHO – Every student resident at Clanny House will have access to the shared gaming console in the social room. 

WHAT – At Clanny House there is a brand new social room for students to gather together. As a resident of Clanny House I’m trying to fund a gaming console which can be used for gaming. As a group we can then look for good deals on games.

WHY – Each student who lives in the accommodation will have access to use this gaming console.

Application 2 | Fish and Chips Friday | £300 

WHO – I would like to invite all students to join us in enjoying a quintessentially British experience; fish and chips, a cup of tea and a showing of a Monty Python comedy. 

WHAT – This event would reach across our diverse student population and bring people together.

WHY – This social event will be open to all students whom register for a space.

Application 3 | Student Documentary and Entertainment Project | £300 

WHO – A group of students want to entertain and engage you by making campus based films that focus on interviewing students to see how they feel about their university experience and environment.

WHAT – The £300 would be used to purchase equipment; a camera, a microphone and a ring light.

WHY – This project will benefit students and will bring vibrancy to the student experience.

Application 4 | Earth, Light and Fire | £300 

WHO – Final Year Undergraduate Glass and Ceramics student are asking for your help and support with their Degree Show by helping them to engage a specialist photographer to shoot their glass and ceramics work in its light. The whole show is likely to cost up to £3000 with specialist photography costing around £600.  The students are separately fundraising for the other related costs; catalogues, postcards and general display items.

WHAT – The £300 would be used to support the cost of the specialist photography that is needed for their Degree Show. The show is an important opportunity to represent their craft professionally.

WHY – This group of Glass and Ceramic students will directly benefit from this funding plus there is a wider benefit; their exhibition will be on display in the National Glass Centre (free admission) and the legacy of the photographs is that they will be used widely to promote the local glass making heritage and opportunity.

Application 5 | Events Management in Practice - WEARChampions Results night | £300 *FOUND FUNDING*

WHO – Events Management students have a unique opportunity to develop and deliver the most important evening in the Student’s Union calendar; the election results evening. As part of this project the students have to raise money and as well as applying for Find Funding support they are planning a range of fund raising events including a bake sale.

WHAT – The £300 will go towards the general costs of making the event an amazing high quality experience with decorations, equipment, entertainment and food.

WHO – The benefit will be felt beyond the Events Management students and will have a positive impact on everyone who attends evening; a free event for students. The event and the promotion of the event will encourage people to attend and to get involved.