Fit to Sit?

Fit to Sit?

At the Students’ Union we get a lot of students coming in after they receive their marks saying that they feel like they’ve not done as well as expected because they were dealing with issues such as sudden illness, bereavement, or any number of other problems while they were revising or writing an assignment, which they hadn’t informed their Faculty about at the time.

We want to help you to avoid being one of them!

When you’re handing in an assignment or walking into an exam, you are effectively saying to the University “Here is my work please mark it and let me know how I did”.

What you may not realise is that you are also “deeming yourself Fit to Sit”. This means that you are effectively saying that you are fine to hand the work in and that you will come back after you receive your mark and ask for it to be reviewed on the basis of extenuating or mitigating circumstances.

If you DO want the University to take account of unplanned and unforeseeable circumstances which are having a significant impact on your ability to perform academically, then you should consider submitting an Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form.. Please also read the Extenuating Circumstances regulations. You can also read the Extenuating Circumstances Guidance Notes before submitting your claim.

If you’re unsure about your situation and what to do, the Students’ Union Advice Service is here to help. You can make an appointment to speak to an advisor by calling (0191) 515 3030 or emailing 

But remember, if you’re not Fit to Sit, DON’T submit!