How it works: Find Funding

20/21 Find Funding Round Dates:

Dates TBC 

How it works

  • Your SU have a pot of funding that its members (that’s you!), can apply to to get the funding they need to make their University experience even better.
  • Find Funding is all about you - your ideas, your decision, your vote.
  • There will be three themed funding rounds this academic year.
  • Every application submitted, in line with the Find Funding Guidelines, will be published on the SU website and be available to be voted on! You decide what you fund!
  • Everyone can get involved. You can raise an idea on your own or with other students.
  • We want to fund lots of ideas - there is no idea to small - so even if you want to apply for only a few pounds, send it in! 
  • Even if don't have an idea you can still take part; use your vote to support the idea you think is the best.
  • Funding can only be granted with your support, and only the supported ideas can be funded.
  • The ideas that get the most votes will share the money.
  • Available funding will be granted to the applications that receive the most votes during the voting period of each round.

For more information and the Find Funding guidelines CLICK HERE