Executives 2017/18

The University of Sunderland Students’ Union is shaped by students, for students.

An annually elected Executive Committee of students (the Exec) works alongside a team of permanent staff who provide the skills and experience to deliver the Students’ Union services.

The Exec is made up of five sabbatical officers who have either just graduated or are taking a gap year from their studies to work for the Students’ Union. Their main duties are to administer the Union and to ensure the student voice is heard, whilst attending the many important meetings and committees that maintain access to the heart of university life. They are also Officer Trustees of the Students Union and sit on the Union’s Board of Trustees. They are elected to these full time paid roles by students in elections held every year.

There are also a further six non sabbatical officers similarly elected by the students although these are part-time voluntary roles which students can carry out alongside their studies. The non sabbatical officers help make key decisions in areas which affect particular groups of students as well as helping make change within the University for those groups.

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Listed below are the executive minutes for 2016/17 which record what they have been discussing over the past year.


Exec Minutes 11-07-16    Exec Minutes 22-08-16    Exec Minutes 18-10-16

Exec Mintues 18-07-16    Exec Minutes 30-08-16    Exec Minutes 31-10-16

Exec Minutes 25-07-16    Exec Minutes 05-09-16    Exec Minutes 05-12-16

Exec Minutes 01-08-16    Exec Minutes 12-09-16    Exec Minutes 09-01-17

Exec Minutes 08-08-16     Exec Minutes 26-09-16    Exec Minutes 23-01-17

Exec Minutes 15-08-16     Exec Minutes 03-10-16   Exec Minutes 30-11-17