Essay Mills

Using Essay Mills, or any service which offers, for a fee, to do work or assignments on your behalf can lead to expulsion from the University due to academic misconduct

There are laws against essay mills in several countries already and many Higher Education providers in the UK have been calling for bans of such organisations saying that “Essay mills undermine the integrity of UK Higher Education and are unfair to the vast majority of honest, hard-working students.”

Essay Mills attempt to get away with their actions by saying that the work they do on your behalf should not be submitted, is intended as a guide, and offer guaranteed 1st class or 2.1 level work. Some Essay Mills have already had action taken against them by the Advertising Standards Authority for ads that gave a “misleading impression

If you are struggling with your academic writing, speak to your course team or the Study Skills team in the library.

Remember, if you are thinking of using an essay mill, the university have a variety of advance detection methods, including turnitin and others to review alleged academic misconduct- so don’t risk your qualification of profession over an essay mill!

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