Meet the Candidates - President: Wellbeing

The President: Wellbeing is the lead on all student wellbeing matters for the Students' Union.

  • To be the lead officer for students at the University of Sunderland on welfare and safety policy development.
  • To have responsibility for communicating student views and interests and managing key relationships in this area. They will ensure students get the highest experience in areas including, but not limited to, Mental Health, crime prevention, equality and diversity and accommodation.
  • To be the lead campaigner on issues relevant to improving wellbeing within the University and local area.
  • To attend all relevant committees within the university.
    To gain feedback through various channels on all wellbeing matters. To be the lead officer for liaison on wellbeing projects and campaigns.
    To be the Full Time Officer link for Part-Time officers on wellbeing matters, in particular diversity and liberation.
    To respect the remit of the other Sabbatical Officers, consulting and working in conjunction with them when issues either cross remits, do not fit within any one officer’s remit, or where action by the President Wellbeing may be advantageous for the goals of the Union



Read the manifestos for the candidates for President: Wellbeing below:

I am standing as the President of Wellbeing, because I feel the wellbeing of students at the University is of paramount importance. Being a student is difficult at the best of times, so I recognise the need for a strong and supportive students union. I would bring a wealth of experience to the role having held union roles in previous jobs that I have had.

I have also served as a Special Police Constable in Washington for 3 years, so I have great experience in crime prevention.

I currently hold the role of Chair of Students Union Council so I understand the challenges the students union faces on a day to day basis and I am determined to work constructively with other presidents and officers to provide solutions to the major issues concerning students.

Elect me and I will lead from the front with a student first mentality and put the interests of students first. Students are real people striving for success, and my intention is to ensure the student journey at Sunderland is a great one.

Priority 1: Further improving the student experience is very important. My intention would be to work with students, the university and all key stakeholders to ensure less crime, better accommodation and to ensure students with mental health issues are looked after with great compassion and care.

Priority 2: More support for International students. Many International students do not receive enough information when they arrive the university in terms of U.K. laws, legal rights, travel and accommodation rights. My aim is to ensure they have this help at both Sunderland and London campuses.

Priority 3: LGBTQ+. I would like to work closely with the LGBTQ+ communities in both London and Sunderland, to work to enhance campus experience and recognition at the University.

Why I stood for election: 

Studying is not easy and being away from family makes everything so much more complicated. However, there are ways to minimize this feeling, and the safety and well-being of each one of us is a pillar n this AMAZING journey called University.

I want everyone at the University to feel safe and feeling good - NO MATTER the color, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs, EVERYONE should feel safe on and off campus.

I want everyone to be HEARD.

I don´t want lack of money to be a BARRIER to any student.

I want YOU to be able to study at any time in a safe environment with all YOU need at your disposal.

I want YOU to tell me what needs to be changed.

My priorities are:

1- To be heard: Listen to YOU and see what YOU want or what bothers you. I believe all students, no matter the background should have their opinion taken into consideration. I will have an open door policy, meaning that every student can speak to me about any problem or issue they may have. I will do my best to try and help YOU out. "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now." - Martin Luther King. Jr.

2- Library: I want a 24/7 library policy. Some students work and not being able to visit the library during nightime to study can be a pain in the a***.

3-Scholarships: Review scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and pay more atention to students facing financial difficulties. Lack of Money CANNOT be a barrier to study.

Remember: Voting for me, means voting for YOUR future.

Candidate Beliefs

We want to help you to be able to tell the difference between candidates and choose who you want to vote for based on shared priorities and beliefs.

We asked the candidates to respond to a range of statements about student issues relevant to the role they are standing for. First, we asked them to say to what extent they agreed with the statements. Then, we asked them to say to what extent that issue would be a priority for them if elected. Based on their answers, we calculated a score which represents how important that particular issue is to them. You can see how important (on a scale of 1 - 25) each candidate thinks each issue is below.

We hope this will help you find the candidate who most closely matches your priorities and beliefs. 


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