Meet the Candidates - President: Education

The President: Education is the lead on all academic matters for the Students' Union.

  • To be the lead officer for students at the University of Sunderland on educational policy development.
  • To have responsibility for communicating student views and interests and managing key relationships in this area. They will ensure students get the highest academic quality in areas including, but not limited to, teaching, feedback and assessment and timetabling.
  • To be the lead campaigner on issues relevant to improving education issues within the University.
  • To attend all relevant academic and education committees within the university.
  • To gain feedback through various channels on all academic matters.
  • To be the lead officer for liaison on academic projects and campaigns.
  • To be the Full Time Officer link for Part-Time officers on Education matters and oversee any school or course representative network.
  • To respect the remit of the other Sabbatical Officers, consulting and working in conjunction with them when issues either cross remits, do not fit within any one officer’s remit, or where action by the President Education may be advantageous for the goals of the Union.



Read the manifestos for the candidates for President: Education below:

Education has helped me acquire knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. It has helped me become a better individual and this is the reason I am putting myself forward for this role.

Education is about the objectives and ambitions an individual has and perpetually twinned with the key missions of the industry one wants to work for. Besides studying at the University of Sunderland, I have also studied at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and Michigan State University in the USA. The experience I have gained from the Universities I have attended in 3 different continents will help me bring the best of each here to Sunderland to make the student experience better.

I am an elected course representative and an elected NUS Conference Delegate to represent the views of our Union at the NUS National Conference at the annual policy making body of the national union. These positions have enabled me to view the problems and issues students face during their courses firsthand and I would like to knock down the barriers we, as students, face while we study for our degrees.

Working for the Students' Union has enabled me to comprehend the obstacles of that position and how to avoid them. It has helped me understand the existing structures and make useful contacts and allies to overcome the issues. All these will help me improve the education experience for the students at the University of Sunderland and make sure home, EU and international students are equally represented as a united student body is created. Besides, education is for everyone, so no room for exceptions!

Vote for me as education and student voices will be the centre of my aims and objectives:

  • Timetable to fit students' needs
  • Improve library services
  • Better use of reVIEW tool

Are you tired of being told someone's listening, yet no one is?

Are you tired of having an ineffective union, one where the representatives only listen to themselves and their friends?

Are you tired of the university choosing favourites when it comes to courses - leaving those who aren't to have disproportionate access to resources?

Well I am.

As someone who has been studying with at the Uni for the past 4 years, I have seen mass change - but to what end? There is an ethos that we are educated at a modern, progressive university, yet we still employ archaic methods to the way we are educated and assessed. This needs to change. What have we seen so far from the union on changing education for the better? Tokenistic policy changes and modification. A union should be revolutionising students to stand up and be heard properly, but because of financial structures the union has been limited to doing much - with the fear that their funding will get cut again.  This has created an undemocratic organisation, which has only been able to complete an handful of achievements.

We have potential and yet we repress it. Let's change this.

Candidate Beliefs

We want to help you to be able to tell the difference between candidates and choose who you want to vote for based on shared priorities and beliefs.

We asked the candidates to respond to a range of statements about student issues relevant to the role they are standing for. First, we asked them to say to what extent they agreed with the statements. Then, we asked them to say to what extent that issue would be a priority for them if elected. Based on their answers, we calculated a score which represents how important that particular issue is to them. You can see how important (on a scale of 1 - 25) each candidate thinks each issue is below.

We hope this will help you find the candidate who most closely matches your priorities and beliefs. 


Vote for your President: Education