Meet the Candidates - Chair of Students' Union Council

The Chair of Union Council is a volunteer who will help students make decisions about their life at University through Chairing the Union’s Union Council meetings in 2020/21. 

Union Council, which oversees the policy direction of the students’ union by scrutinising and directing the Executive Committee, needs to be chaired by someone who has a clear grasp of procedure but, more importantly, a real desire to see people participate in an open meeting that helps students to lead their union. This Officer, supported by the Students’ Union staff team, will steer the democratic meeting of Sunderland Students, which will be held 2-3 times a term.

This role has additional responsibility in that the Chair of Union Council represents students on two of the committees which sit under the students’ union Board of Trustees - Governance Committee and Disciplinary Committee. 

The Chair of Council shall:


  • Chair any meetings of Union Council, seeking to ensure that attendees can understand the proceedings, hold other elected officials to account and engage in Union democracy
  • Give due consideration that the officers follow up on actions mandated to them by the membership
  • With the sabbatical officers, undertake projects to improve participation in Union democracy


Read the manifesto for the candidate for Chair of Union Council below:

Why vote for me?

From my developed experience over the past three years and the willingness that I have to further learn, I have decided to step up to the challenge of representing you as our Chair of Union Council.  This is a position where I will not only assist our Executive Committee in introducing and changing policy but also hold them accountable so that our Union and University is a place where all voices are heard. Where there is opportunity, diversity and equality for all across all campuses, offering you the best student experience during your time at OUR University. 

Vote PAUL SAMBROOKS, not only a vote for ACTION and CHANGE but a vote for YOUR VOICE!

My background: Over the past three years, I have been an active member of the SU working towards overall student representation across our University. Working in various roles from MPharm Course Representative to School Coordinator for the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as holding the position of President of the Sunderland Pharmaceutical Students' Association (SPSA).  While holding these positions, I have been a vocal member of SSLC meetings, FAC meetings, Student Representation Steering Groups, Academic Boards and our Union Council. Overall, enabling me to introduce positive change and develop a clear grasp of procedure within our University. In addition to this, I have also chaired committee meetings within the SPSA, allowing me to encourage event and resource development and provision as well encouraging student engagement within our Pharmacy Society. 

Vote for your Chair of Students' Union Council