Meet the Candidates - President: Activities

The President: Activities is the lead on all student led activities for the Students' Union.

  • To be the lead officer for students at the University of Sunderland on creating opportunities for non-academic development.
  • To have responsibility for communicating student views and interests and managing key relationships in this area. They will ensure students get the highest experience in areas including, but not limited to, employability, community building, volunteering and provision of facilities.
  • To be the lead campaigner on issues relevant to improving non-academic development opportunities issues within the University.
  • To attend all relevant committees within the university with a specific remit to build relationships with the Institute of Sport to represent the student view.
  • To gain feedback through various channels on all development matters. To be the lead officer for liaison on non-academic projects and campaigns.
  • To be the Full Time Officer link for Part-Time officers on gaining skills through improved opportunities outside the academic experience.
  • To be the main liaison with leaders of communities, volunteering groups, societies. Sports and any other group created for development opportunities.
  • To respect the remit of the other Sabbatical Officers, consulting and working in conjunction with them when issues either cross remits, do not fit within any one officer’s remit, or where action by the President Activities may be advantageous for the goals of the Union.



Read the manifestos for the candidates for President: Activities below:

Hi, my name is Katherine Lavender.  I am into my final year of study of Event Management, and I am running for the position of President of Activities.

I am running for this position because I feel that I can make a difference. Throughout my time at University I have gained many skills that will help me be the best person that I can. As a third year student I understand how hard it can be at university. I want to make other student’s experiences better.

I already have knowledge of the Students’ Union as I already work and volunteer alongside them through various roles If elected I would aim to:

Objective 1 – Increase the visibility of societies. I will help to get societies to reach their full potential. This will include putting on events with the support of the Students’ Union.

Objective 2 - I will aim to put on more events that are inclusive for all. Whether you are in your first year, last year, have children, have a disability or you’re a mature student.

Objective 3 – Lastly I want to help to increase communications throughout the university and all levels. This will be with the Students’ Union, the students and the university on all campuses.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and vote for Katherine Lavender, she can make a difference.

My name's Chris and I'm running for your President of Activities at Your SU. 

I'm studying Business with Financial Management and throughout this course there has always been a focus on becoming a more well-rounded person through various charitable endeavours such as the Take 25 challenge. As part of this I ended up dying my hair pink (please don't ask to see the photos!). I also received a Special Recommendation award for my efforts during this. 

Another of my main responsibilities at Uni has been the Snowsports Society, of which I am currently President. As part of this we have partaken in charity work for charities like Mind as part of our 24 hour ski challenge. Besides this, my main responsibilities have been the general well-being and personal aspects of running a society; and countless socials and events. 

Prior to coming to Uni I worked as a corporate financial advisor so I have exposure and experience with communicating with a great number of different people in a varying number of capacities.  Additionally I have been involved in volunteeering for most of my life (whether that be through the Scout Association or my personal charity work in going to The Gambia in Africa to distribute aid). 

My main manifesto focuses would be:

  • Providing a wider range of varying activities to suit the needs and desires of you as the student body and creating a dialogue about what you would really like to see. 
  • Providing a clearer form of communication for students to see what is really on offer at the Uni. 
  • Making a conscious effort to engage more with Team Sunderland to provide better services and activities for the student body. 

Thank you, and I hope I've won you over!


Candidate Beliefs

We want to help you to be able to tell the difference between candidates and choose who you want to vote for based on shared priorities and beliefs.

We asked the candidates to respond to a range of statements about student issues relevant to the role they are standing for. First, we asked them to say to what extent they agreed with the statements. Then, we asked them to say to what extent that issue would be a priority for them if elected. Based on their answers, we calculated a score which represents how important that particular issue is to them. You can see how important (on a scale of 1 - 25) each candidate thinks each issue is below.

We hope this will help you find the candidate who most closely matches your priorities and beliefs. 


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