Union Council Policies

Policies are ideas or beliefs of students, which support and improve the student experience, based on education, wellbeing and activity needs. They also relate to campaigning or wider change, and outline what students want to do and why it is important. Current policies are listed below and last for 3 years until they lapse (become out of date). It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to own policies and report on progress back to Union Council for review. Students are welcome to contest any policy which has been passed by Union Council and suggest amendments (see how to create policies below for information on amendments).

  • All students, both at Sunderland and London, are welcome to create a policy (instructions on how to do this is below), however only certain students ‘members of Union Council’ can vote on policies.
  • The membership Union Council includes any student who hold a representational role in the SU and speak on behalf of students (including School Coordinators, Course Reps, Society leaders). 
  • Policies taken to Union Council must not be political, segregate students or cause financial and reputational damage to the SU.
  • Once passed by Union Council, policies need to be signed off by the Union’s Board of Trustees before action will be taken by the Executive Committee or staff member of the Students’ Union.
  • Union Council policies are different to operational policies which explain how we do something e.g. health and safety or recruitment. 

Policies are really simple to make! Although policies can be written and sent straight to Union Council (download the template here), we would recommend following the steps below to gain support and ensure it is passed by Union Council.

1. Add your idea to Make it Happen

2. Speak to the Executive Committee and see if they can support the idea

3. Share your idea, encourage likes and generate comments (this helps to evidence why your policy is important)

4. Write your policy (template above), ensuring it is clear, to the point and explains the change you want to make and include some of the student comments

5. Submit the policy to the Student Voice Democracy team for it to appear online for consultation and voting at Union Council.

To ensure policies reflect the wide needs of students and make the biggest change, all students can suggest changes or amendments – these are not automatic and will be voted on by members of Union Council. Policy consultation is open for 7 days from when they appear online. For policies you can make changes to, see below.

No policies are currently available for consultation

Making changes

We understand that things change, and so should policies too. Once they have been approved, policies can be amended to reflect changes students want to see – additions or removal of actions. For any changes, you need to complete this form. The Policy and Campaigns team will be confirmed the next steps.