Greener searching

A few months ago, a student posted an idea on Make it Happen about the use of an eco-friendly search engine. The idea said:

"Ecosia is a search engine just like Google, you search for something and advertisements pop up. The difference with Ecosia is that the profits generated from such advertisements go to planting trees across the globe and they have already planted over 50 million, removing 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere! I have been using Ecosia for over a year and my searches have planted over 3000 trees. Now just imagine if every student and staff member used the search engine, our impact would be unprecedented. Getting Ecosia on campus is an international campaign, and it is gaining momentum. Sussex University has managed to do this, let’s make Sunderland the next."

Since then, Your SU has been working with the University IT team and we are delighted to announce that Ecosia is now the default search engine on all student desktops across the University for both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer! And don't worry if you'd rather use Google - just search Google through Ecosia and then you can still contribute to planting trees and helping save the planet - win win!