Gender Neutral Toilets


Everybody has a right to feel safe when using the facilities on campus – including the toilets. We campaigned for more gender neutral toilet facilities around university and decided to start with our own!


Your 2018/19 President of Wellbeing, Mandi Purvis lead the campaign to victory alongside your Equality & Diversity and LGBT+ Officers.

In December 2018, we announced that the toilet within Your SU, City Campus was accessible for anyone and everyone.


“We want to make sure that no matter how you identify, every student feels safe and comfortable when using university spaces” – Sam Clarke, LGBT+ Officer.


Can’t make it to Your SU loo? Don’t worry, there are still a number of gender neutral toilets at both St Peters and City campus (and we’re hoping to see lots more in the very near future!):


  • Edinburgh Building, 4th Floor
  • Hope Street Xchange
  • Prospect Building
  • Shackleton House
  • The Sciences Complex
  • Wearbank House