National Student Issues

Your Students' Union is a member of the National Union of Students (NUS). This means we are affiliated and pay a fee to be part of a network of other Students’ Unions, Guilds and Associations at both Universities and Colleges. NUS is the national voice and champion for all students’ views and are responsible for ensuring you are heard on a national level by lobbying the Government to make changes to policies relating to student life.

You can be part of the national movement by engaging with national campaigns or becoming a NUS Conference Delegate. We hold Elections for 4 delegate positions annually, ready for the National Conference which takes place in spring. Being a Delegate is really important as you take Sunderland views to the centre stage and vote on major policies which direct NUS for the next year.

NUS has launched their Students Deserve Better campaign. Covid-19 has shown that students are not being fully supported in their education and are being treated poorly. NUS want students to sign the petition and ensure the Government and Universities recognise the many issues students have faced and continue to face during the pandemic. 

Use your voice and get involved in the conversation online using #StudentsDeserveBetter

NUS National Conference is about students from across the UK coming together to make change. It’s about students doing what we do best... leading the way and setting an example for the society we want to grow in, work in, live in and leave behind for students who come after us.

At National Conference students discuss, deliberate and vote on issues that matter to them. What’s voted for at conference then becomes the policy of NUS UK which is then used by elected officers to build campaigns and make change happen. Ideas for discussion topics come from students’ unions who then elect students to represent the views of their students at conference, debating the topics in more detail.

Electing our student leadership

Students attending National Conference also elect the leadership of NUS UK. The officers elected at National Conference, along with those elected at the Liberation Conference and nation conferences, lead the work of NUS UK. 

Building a campaigning movement

These officers are elected for two years to take forward the policies set by conference and turn them into campaigns. They create the NUS UK Plan for Action which spells out exactly what NUS is working and campaigning on. 

Liberation is at the heart of NUS’s work because our identities affect our participation, achievement and progression in education! NUS's focus on Liberation has been crucial to so many of our wins in education and society. To ensure this work carries on and minoritised students stay represented across the 4 Nations, NUS Liberation Committee has been created, to spearhead the growth of our radical student movement.

Together, the 5 elected members of this team share years of experience in the student movement and working in SUs and SAs. They understand that campaigning for liberation as an individual is tireless and often isolating, that together we are stronger, and that the need for solidarity and collaboration is needed. Their main role is to facilitate and sustain the Liberation Student Campaigners Network for each liberation group, where students, sabbs, and SUs can share with, learn


NUS Liberation Conference is the main point in the year when students from across the country come together to celebrate every student and ensure that the voices of those who are often not heard and underrepresented are put at the forefront of education policy.