Marks Out of Tenancy (MOOT)

Your SU knows the views and lived experiences of other students is important and is often the best way to find out what it is really like to live in a property. It is important that good quality feedback helps you find accommodation which meets your needs. Unfortunately, not all reviews are true and can be ‘paid’ for through incentives and discounts – it can be hard to really know what is the good and the bad. 

That is why we have partnered with Marks Out of Tenancy (MOOT for short), a free review website where students can write real reviews about their accommodation, landlord or letting agency and neighbourhood. We believe that through sharing experiences, both positive and negative, you can help others make decisions of where they want to live and with who. We hope that reviews across the city will highlight areas of poor practice and ensure that through showcasing good housing, improvements in accommodation standards will be made!

MOOT provides you the platform to rate and describe your accommodation experience. Together, these thousands of reviews help those looking for somewhere to live, decide on which landlord is friendly and trustworthy, and if the neighbourhood is where they want to be. Accounts are free to create and all students across the UK, regardless if living in University or private halls, or in private rented housing can submit a review for other students to see. Students can then search according to location and see posted reviews. 

Are reviews real?
Yes, all reviews are real! MOOT ensures through a number of checks that the tenancy occurred and if not, fake reviews are removed. Importantly, landlords and lettings agencies can reply to reviews, so you can be confident the review is genuine.

Will anyone know I have written a review?
No. Reviewers have the option to leave their name, however reviewers can select to remain anonymous. This ensures that you are protected from unwanted attention or issues with landlords/letting agencies.