Hidden Costs

Unexpected add-ons and additional costs are never welcome! While at University this shouldn’t be the case or an exception to the rule.

We understand the price you pay for your degree doesn’t always cover equipment, course resources and activities. However, extra costs shouldn’t be sneaky and suddenly appear; all costs should be clearly advertised from the beginning.

Your President: Education, Georgios, is launching a Hidden Costs campaign to look at extra costs students are having to pay other than the tuition fees, and that students are really financially prepared for their studies. We think costs should not be a barrier to your education and that the University should be clear about extra costs associated with your course. We also want to make sure no student is impacted unfairly by the Covid-19 pandemic and the University closes any digital divides that exist. 

We need you to tell us your hidden costs using the survey below so we can call for the University to be upfront about money matters.

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Your SU has already made University life a little less expensive by winning our Graduation campaign, which ensures all students are provided 2 free graduation tickets and lobbying the University to make assessment submissions digital only. We know we can win more!