Free Water on Campus

You told us that there wasn't enough free water on campus and that you wanted us to do something about it.

As a result, we've scoured the halls of the University to find the locations of free water points right across campus (both at City Campus and St Peter's). Below you can see a list of locations where you can find the free water. If you spot a water dispenser not listed, let us know! Email with location details and we will update the list.  

Free water points on campus

City Campus

  • Fleming corridor ground floor
  • Fleming corridor 1st floor
  • Fleming corridor 2nd floor
  • Pasteur corridor ground floor
  • Pasteur corridor 1st floor
  • Johnson ground floor
  • Johnson 1st floor
  • Priestman – Dance corridor 
  • Murray Library ground floor
  • City Space

St Peter's Campus

  • Reg Vardy: Water fountain next to Men’s toilets on every floor.
  • David Goldman: Water fountain next to ground floor toilets.
  • Media Centre: No water fountain. Taps are single taps, one cold / one hot. Disabled tap is a mixer.
  • Prospect Building: In the Library, drinking fountain outside toilets.


Did you also know you can get FREE hot water on campus? Simply bring a reusable cup on campus and take it to a catering outlet. Hot water actually costs 20p, however by using your own cup the cost is removed.