Black History Month

October is recognised across the world as Black History Month, where the achievements and contributions of the Black community are celebrated.

Conventionally in the past, October can sometimes be seen as the only time that these discussions and celebrations take place, however after the events in 2020, Black history has been at the forefront of many current and topical issues within our society and globally. It’s extremely important that we now continue to share, celebrate, educate and discuss much more widely than simply just for one month in October. 

Black History Month is important to celebrate the achievements, but also address the ambiguity of our nation’s past. To continue educating ourselves and each other. This is not just Black History Month; this is a Black History Movement. 

Throughout October, we created conversations around four themes; History & Impact, Activism, Contemporary Issues and Arts & Culture. Alongside these we held online activities for students to get involved in. Articles and resources were produced each week and are available to view below. 

History and Impact


Contemporary Issues

Arts and Culture

Your SU pledges to continue this action. We will be creating an ongoing campaign which we hope will continue to amplify our student’s voices and celebrate diversity. In the New Year we will be asking Black, Minority Ethnic and underrepresented student key questions about their experiences and the changes they would like to see happen in Sunderland. Your Presidents and Part Time Officers will also be looking at the University's progress to tackle issues relating to attainment gaps and support for students.