Is there something not right on your course or is there an issue you want to fix? Or are you wanting to make bigger academic change? You can take the lead in many ways.

You can highlight issues relating to your course with your Course Rep. They’ll bring up the issue at the next SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) and ask for change or explore the issue with academics. The School will provide feedback and the outcome. Some things can be changed quickly and easily, however other things may not be possible. Potentially the issue may be wider across the Faculty or University – this is where you need to contact the Policy and Campaigns team to develop a campaign.

Any issue relating to your School speak to your School Coordinator. They have a bigger voice and can take your issue to senior level management. They’re equipped with knowledge, skills and experience to help and support you with issues. They’re continually communicating and engaging with staff at the University to ensure you’re fairly represented.

Issues relating to academic policy and regulations, YOUR President Education can support you to make change and get others involved. You can raise a problem at their Forum and mandate them to help you.