This article is regarding precautionary suspensions taken during investigatory stages of formal processes.

See Disciplinary or Fitness to Practise Hearings for information on punitive suspensions and fitness to study processes for safeguarding/wellbeing suspensions. Such suspensions are outcomes of processes rather than part of any investigation.

If an allegation or concern has been raised and if there is a good reason, such as to protect you or the university community, the university may suspend you as a precaution until any investigation into the allegation or concern has been dealt with.

Wherever an allegation or concern has been raised, it is right that it is looked into appropriately. Looking into or investigating an allegation or concern does not mean a presumption of guilt and allegations or concerns can be dismissed or not found.

When you are suspended you will be written to with;

  • Reasons for the suspension
  • Terms of the suspension
  • The duration necessary to allow for an investigation and conclusion
  • Details of support available to you
  • Your rights to make representations regarding the suspension
  • A copy of relevant regulations

Initially you may be suspended for anytime up to 4 weeks after which your suspension may or may not be renewed following a review. The review will give you an opportunity to make further written representation.

If renewed, you will be informed of when the next review point will occur.

In serious cases involving criminal court cases or police investigation, you may be suspended until that matter is concluded.

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