Fit to Sit

Fit to sit is a phrase used by some higher education providers in the UK. It is the implication that if you take part in an assessment (such as attending exams and presentation, or submitting written work) you are declaring yourself and your work as unaffected by any extenuating circumstances.

If you think you can still complete an assignment with a little more time then you should speak to your course team about extensions.

If you become ill during an exam then you should report this to the invigilator or presentation examination immediately; you will need to take action under the extenuating circumstance procedure.

If you are too ill to attend an exam or presentation or too ill to submit work you should make use of the extenuating circumstance procedure.

In some circumstances, where you have attempted to do the work in spite of any illness and you believe it is not to your usual standard, fit to sit will leave you with a tough decision to make;

  • submit the work and be unable to claim under extenuating circumstance procedure, or
  • do not submit and risk a non-submission of the work if your extenuating circumstance is not upheld which can have an impact on your course progression.

If you are unsure about what is the right action for you to take, why not speak with an advisor who can explore your options, evidence and the strength of any potential claim with you.

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